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The child died as a result of accidents involving the Peloton race track

A child has died in a car accident in Peloton, the company’s chief executive announced on Thursday.

In a letter posted on the company’s website, Pel on Fallin, Peloton CEO and co-founder, said that the company, known for its popular interactive stationary bikes, had recently learned of the fatal crash and was aware of “a handful of incidents” involving Tread + with children injured on the treadmill.

“While we are aware of a small number of Tread + cases where children have been injured, each of them is devastating for all of us in the Peloton, our hearts go out to the families involved,” said Mr Fallin.

The company urged Peloton users to follow safety warnings about Peloton products, asking members to keep them out of the reach of children, and to keep safety keys out of the reach of children when cars are not in use.

“There are no words to express the shock and sadness that everyone feels at Peloton in the wake of this horrific tragedy,” the statement said.

The details of the accident that caused the death of the child were not yet clear. The company said it would not provide further details, such as when or where it took place, “to protect the family, their privacy.”

Tread + works like a regular treadmill, but is equipped with a 32-inch touch screen that allows users to work with others in real-time with the help of Peloton instructors. According to the company’s website, the price starts at $ 4295.

According to the spokesman, the equipment was “designed and tested” for use by people at least 16 years old and weighing more than 105 pounds.

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine 2020 The study found that most home runway injuries occurred in children under the age of 16, and that the coronavirus epidemic posed a unique risk of injury because older adults worked from home and children participated in distance learning. Studies have shown that common injuries include injuries to the fingers and toes, such as contact burns or degreasing, in which part of the skin tissue separates from the underlying muscles.

Throughout the epidemic, Peloton’s popularity skyrocketed. The value of the company reached more than $ 40 billion during the epidemic, as physical gyms were closed and exercise habits were disrupted.

On Thursday, the company’s stock price closed 4.6% against the news of a deadly run.

Last year, the company faced another setback when it recalled pedals on its nearly 27,000 stationary bikes after receiving reports that trailer pedals had caused injuries that required stitches or other medical care.

Susan Beach contributed to the study.


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