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The changing gut microbiome can predict how well you age

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About 900 of these people were elderly who underwent regular check-ups at medical clinics to assess their health. Dr. Gibbons և and his colleagues found that in middle age, from the age of 40, people begin to show clear changes in their microbiome. The strains that were most prevalent in their intestines tended to decline, while the other, less common strains became more common, causing their microbiomes to separate and become more and more different from the rest of the population.

“What we have discovered is that individuals move away from each other during different decades of life. “Their microbiomes are becoming more and more unique,” said Dr. Gibbons.

People who have had the most changes in their bacteriological composition tend to have better health երկար longer life. They had higher levels of vitamin D, lower levels of LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides, a type of blood fat. They needed less medicine, they had better physical health, they walked faster, they had more mobility.

The researchers found that these “unique” individuals also had higher levels of several metabolites produced by intestinal bacteria, including indoles, which have been shown to reduce inflammation, maintain the integrity of the intestinal lining, and protect the barrier. In some studies, researchers have found that giving mice and other animals indoles helps them stay younger, allowing them to be more physically active, mobile, and resistant to disease, injury, and other stresses. One of the metabolites found in the new study was phenylacetylglutamine. It is not clear what exactly this ingredient does. But some experts believe it contributes to longevity, as studies have shown that centuries-old northern Italy tends to have very high levels of it.

Dr. Wilmansky found that people whose intestinal microbiomes did not change significantly as they grew were in poorer health. They had higher cholesterol և triglycerides և low in vitamin D. They were less active, they could not walk so fast. They used more drugs,: they were almost twice as likely to die during the study period.

Researchers have suggested that some bowel movements, which can be harmless or even beneficial in early adulthood, can be harmful in old age. The study found that, for example, healthy people who saw the sharpest changes in their microbiome composition saw a sharp decline in the prevalence of bacteria called Bacteroids, which are more common in developed countries where people eat fully processed foods. fat, sugar և salt և less common in developing countries where people tend to eat a higher fiber diet. When fiber is not available, Dr. Gibbons says bacterioids like to “mucus,” including the protective layer of mucus that lines the gut.

“Maybe it’s good when you are 20 or 30 years old, you produce a lot of mucus in your intestines,” he said. “But as we grow older, our mucus layer thins. Maybe we need to suppress those mistakes.”

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