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The boutique tour line Windstar will relocate its Seattle headquarters to Miami

In another setback to the Seattle Episode sport, Windstar Cruises is moving its headquarters from Seattle to Miami.

The company, known for its small fleet of medium-sized luxury ships operating around the world, said on Friday that it would move its headquarters to Miami in June 2022.

Christopher Prelog, president of Windstar Cruises, said the move was due to a number of factors, including the lease of the company’s Seattle office, which ends next year in Windstar’s Caribbean և European markets.

“We will be in closer contact with the ship’s crew as they cross the state of Florida, and we will also benefit from being at the center of the cruise industry,” Prelog said in a statement.

The announcement comes in Seattle in 2021. The voyage season comes three weeks after Canada banned long-haul voyage on Canadian waters until February 2022.

Access to Canadian ports via Canadian waters և Alaska is key to the Seattle-based tourism business, which has been suspended since last spring due to US-Canada restrictions.

Although Windstar ships carrying 148 to 342 passengers would be affected by the ban, the company operated only one ship from Seattle to Alaska; Sarah Scholtock in an email.

“Fortunately for us, we took that step before closing the Canadian border to ships,” Scholtock said. “We do not sail weekly out of Seattle. Only a few calls a year to / from Alaska. ”

On February 24, Windstar announced that it was postponing the resumption of operations for another month, in June 2021.

Another factor in the relocation decision was the ease with which the company’s 120 Seattle employees had adapted to remote work during the epidemic, Prelog said. The staff will either move to Miami or Denver to the home of Windstar’s corporate parent, the Xanterra Travel Collection. or they will work remotely from Seattle, the company said.

In 2019, Windstar created channels for its three-vessel extension program, cutting them in half and adding a center section. The first of these stretches of ships ended in November.


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