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The Bird of Judgment? Breana Stewart Diana Tauras? UConn’s Paige Bueckers May Be the Best of All

If you did not watch his game, you missed the talent of the generation.

If you have not seen him hit three or a dish without a glance, you have been rejected by the surprise of basketball.

University of Connecticut guard Paige Bookers has been named the best college basketball player in the world. She is as cluttered as she is fun. Good news if you’re still watching? You still have the final four երեք երեք these three years.

It is not uncommon for Connecticut Husky to be the best player in the nation. Sue Byrd, Diana Tauras, Maya Moore և Breana Stewart have all been key players in the college game for some time in the last 20 years. It is unusual for the best women basketball player in the country to be a freshman. But it seems that it can be so.

The Bookers became the first freshman to win the Associated Press Women’s Basketball Player of the Year on Wednesday. The honor seems likely that he will also win the Wooden Prize, the basketball equivalent of the Heisman Trophy, which never went to freshman.

There used to be young pioneers. Stewart, as a freshman, beat the most prominent player in the final four, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a force like the Bueckers get out of the way so quickly.

Here is his line of statistics. 20.1 points per game, 5.8 assists, 4.8 rebounds, 2.3 steals, 5.5 ball percentage իան an excellent 0.459 percent of the three. That’s impressive.

But in an interview with Toauthxr.com, Taurasi’s praise for Bookers may say more than the numbers say.

“The first game when I watched him play, I watched the first quarter, I said to Penny (Taylor – Taurasi’s wife), then after the basketball game I texted (UConn) coach (Geno) Auriemma, I said he was the best in basketball. is the player. “For the simple fact that he can pass,” Taurasin said. “He thinks really difficult transfers are really easy, հեշտ really easy transfers seem easy. That alone sets him apart from any other college student. ”

Taurasi said Bookers was far ahead of him in his freshman year.

“The level at which he plays as a freshman is incredible. You are not so effective, you are not so confident as a newcomer to Connecticut. ”

Do you mean to talk about trust? On Monday, UConn were 10 points behind Baylor by 10 minutes in the third quarter of their Elite Eight Tournament. Then came the 19-0 Haske Blitz, during which the Bookers lost 10 points. He finished the night with a high 28 points.

Not that this should be surprising. In the current season, the Bookers scored 31 points in extra time in the game against “No”. 1 South Carolina. His last bucket came with his team one second left with 11 seconds left when he kicked the three in contention who jumped about five feet in the air.

“Page Baker Magic.” shouted game-by-game host Lisa Baigton. It was the bookers’ third straight game with at least 30 points.

It is fair to say that Bookers’ expectations were at the Himalayan level when he left high school as the nation’s best recruit. She was an eighth-grader, starting 30-0 at the Hopkins Armenian University in Minnesota, Minnesota.

But it is fair to say that the Buckers have exceeded those once lofty expectations with their performance this season. The 5-foot-11 phenomenon was simply incomparable.

It is difficult to know how much better Buckers will get while at UConn. But his superstar predecessors, such as Byrd, Taurus, Moore, and Stewart, all seemed to have reached their peak.

What we do know is that right now, the Bookers Huskies are 28-1 on Friday preparing to play Arizona in the quarter-finals. If they beat the Wildcats and move on to Stanford հաղթ South Carolina, they will win their 12th national championship. If that happened then we would all be in for a rude awakening.

Fans of the game should be lucky that the Bookers will probably spend another three years at UConn. So if you have not had a chance to watch it, there will be many opportunities along the way. That said, Friday would be a good time to start the audience. UConn has produced a bunch of stars over the years, but this freshman may be the best.


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