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The Betts took the plunge as the Dodgers beat the Padres 2-0

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Mookie Betts plunged into his pie, Clayton Kershaw was shot on a mound, on a plate, helping the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday night. Leading San Diego Padres 2: 0. 0: ,

Kershaw (3-1) hit eight when he was working six six-pointers with three shots. In the fifth, he took a strong step against Yu Darwish (1-1), leading to his eighth consecutive victory over Los Angeles.

“We knew this was going to be an emotionally intense series that was obviously coming here,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “It certainly corresponded to the calculation.”

Even with Kershaw’s stellar performance, the match was not decided until Bates played another memorable game for the final.

With the second and third runners, Tommy Pham hit the sinking plane towards the center, which seemed to be going to level the game. But Betsy was terrified of diving, and then “celebrated” her breasts.

“You need an elite defender in the center to play that game. “There is a lot to do,” said Roberts. “There are just a few guys who could probably make that game. “It just speaks to that, that’s why he is without a doubt the best baseball player.”

Los Astin Turner, who finished ninth in Los Angeles, said the Bets saved the game for the World Series champions.

“He’s a guy who can change the game, influence the game in a lot of different ways,” Turner said.

Kershaw said. “It’s really hard to make that show. “To be able to do that is another reason why Mook is the best.”

Los Angeles also took the opening of the series on Friday night, taking the lead forever when Corey Sieger struck the two-run final home run on Tim Hill’s first pitch in the top 12.

The second game of the season was just as good.

After losing in Colorado on the opening day, Kershaw won its third consecutive start. Victor Gonzalez came out of his first save of the season with two results.

Darwish was terrible for San Diego, allowing one shot in seven innings. He took out nine and walked two.

In the fifth, Los Angeles gained the advantage with two points. Ach ack McKinster hit the pitch, Luke Riley was left alone, and Austin Barnes walked to load the foundations.

Then Kershaw walked across the field, forcing him to run. Darwish 86 km / h was slightly lower և outside.

San Diego had the sixth runners among runners. Another sixth when Will Myers hit the ground hard. Second baseman Chris Taylor caught the ball, stepped on the second and threw the first baseman Max Mans for a double play to finish the field.

Turner gave the Dodgers an insurance run with a ninth solo performance by Emilio Pagan.


Dodgers. Infiltrator Gavin Lux was available for running, but was not allowed to hit because of his right wrist.

Padres. RHP placed Dan Altavilla on a 10-day injury list with inflammation of the right elbow. LHP Matt Strahm (right bony tendon repair) was transferred to a 60-day IL. B 3B Manny Machado started despite slipping his shoulder in the second base on Friday night and had back spasms.


Dodgers right-hand man Trevor Bauer (2-0, 2.70 ERA) and Padres left-hander Blake Snell (1-0, 3.06 ERA) are scheduled to play on Sunday.


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