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The ambassador of Myanmar in London was closed from the embassy after speaking out against the military

The ambassador of Myanmar to the United Kingdom, who again spoke about the military coup in his country, said that he was banned from the embassy on Wednesday by loyal military junta officials in London.

“They refuse to let me in,” Qiawu Min told Teleport. “They said they had received an order from the capital, so they were not going to let me in.”

Kyo war down Min told the British newspaper that as he was leaving the embassy during the day, colleagues and officials in contact with the military stormed the area and prevented him from returning that evening.

“They betrayed me because they are on the military side,” he said.

The ambassador, a former military colonel, spoke out in early March against the military’s arrest of former British colonel Aung San Suu Kyi, criticizing the ousting that ousted him, words of praise from the British government for his “courage”.

According to Myanmar State Television, the ambassador to London was recalled after he posted a statement on the embassy’s Facebook page after demanding the “release of State Counsel Dow Aung San Suu Kyi, President Wu Main Main.” but he did not return to Myanmar. ,

On February 1, Myanmar’s military seized power, arresting other democratically elected leaders of Aung San Suu Kyi’s ruling party, the National Democracy League.

The coup has been condemned internationally, including by the United Nations. Since taking power, the armed forces have killed more than 500 civilian protesters calling for a democratic government.

The embassy in Myanmar, Colombia, also spoke out against the junta, calling on the military to “exercise maximum restraint” in response to the protests. The embassies in London և Washington did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

Kyaw Zwar Minn told Reuters he was in contact with the British Foreign Office about the eviction.

“This is London, you know. “They can not afford this coup in central London,” he said.

According to Reuters, Kyiv war min Mini Deputy Chit Wynn took over the embassy together with the military attache.

Footage on social media shows police in front of the embassy in Mayfair, a high-rise district in central London.

People described by members of the Myanmar community in London as journalists gathered around the gates of the building, paying tribute to pro-democracy protesters with flowers, slogans and a photo.

“We are aware of the ongoing protests near the Myanmar embassy in Mayfair, London. Public servants are present. There are: [been] “There are no arrests,” police said in a statement, according to Reuters.


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