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The airline industry is pushing the United States to standardize health newspapers

Leading airlines և business groups are asking the Biden administration to develop interim credentials that will allow travelers to demonstrate that they have been tested for COVID-19, which the airline industry believes will help restore travel.

Different groups և countries are working on the development of so-called vaccine passports, which will be aimed at more travel. But the airlines fear that the falsification of regional credentials will cause confusion – none will be widely accepted.

“The United States must be at the forefront of this development,” more than two dozen groups said in a letter to White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator FFF Zi Yen on Monday. However, the groups noted that the vaccine should not be required for domestic or international travel.

The groups include the major US ափոխ international air carriers, the airlines’ unions, and the US Chamber of Commerce. The White House did not immediately comment.

World Health Organization և The UN aviation authority is working on the type of information that should be included in the accreditation. The airline industry, in particular, is interested in having the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention take a leading role, believing that this will increase the legitimacy of credential information.

The CDC on Monday issued new guidelines for people who are fully vaccinated, saying they can meet other vaccinated people without face masks, visit unvaccinated households at low risk for serious illness. However, the health agency still advises against giving up travel.

“Every time there is an increase in directions, we have a big wave of events in this country,” said Dr. Rochelle Valensky, CDC Director.

Valensky noted that many versions of COVID-19 that are currently being distributed in the United States have begun in other countries. Still, he argued that it was possible that the CDC would soon confirm the travel of vaccinated people with more data.

The airline was particularly affected by the epidemic. Despite a partial recovery, US airlines continue to lose $ 150 million a day, according to Airlines for America.

The number of people passing through airports in the United States so far this year is almost 60% lower than in 2019, the last normal pre-epidemic year. Most of these people fly within the United States.

Airlines rely on widespread vaccinations to boost travel, Vaccine passports will boost high-yield international flights.


Eke Eke Miller, based in Washington, D.C., contributed to this report.


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