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Texas A&M No. 2 in the spotlight as the SEC tournament favorite

After spending most of the season in the shadow of South Carolina, the No. 2 Texas A&M came into the spotlight as the women’s team won the South Cell Conference Tournament.

The Aggies (22-1, 13-1) won their first SEC regular-season championship, beating South Carolina’s top-ranked team 65-57 on Sunday, scoring their top-flight favorite in a tournament starting Wednesday in Greenville. , South Carolina.

“When this year started, no one gave us as much credit as the team you had to plan for,” said Gary Blair of Texas A&M. “We are just a basketball team.”

One who is ready to continue his championship after a very long break.

In 2011, just two years after the national championship, the Aggins became the first team from their school to claim the SEC crown when they won the 2013 league tournament. But Texas A&M failed to reach the semifinals in seven tournaments, although they won 10 SEC games each season, but only one.

Texas A&M is a goalless team, like the previous three seasons when all-American Chenned Carter played.

“We are checking the egos at the door, it’s all of us because we have competition,” Blair said.

Alia Wilson leads Agsi with 13.2 points, while N’dea ones ounce has an average double-double with 12.2 points and 10.5 rebounds.

But the road to the title will not be easy with the six SEC teams in the top 17 of the national rankings.

The Aggies play open Friday or LSU (8-12, 6-8), the only team to beat them this season, or Mississippi State (10-8, 5-7). In the semi-finals, they could face the 16th Georgia Orgia before the return match against South Carolina (19-4, 14-2) if they both reach the final.

Gamecocks started the year at No. 1, winning 31 consecutive SEC games in the past two years, ending last month at No. 14 in Tennessee.

South Carolina has won five of the league’s last six tournaments, but despite the reduced capacity of 3,000 fans due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is still just two hours away from the university with strong support when playing.

“It’s up, so are we,” Gamecocks coach Dawn Staley tweeted on Twitter about the loss of A&M.

Gamecocks have the SEC top scorers in Alia Boston (13 points, 11.7 rebounds per game), Zia Cooke (15.9 points average) և will force the Aggies to avenge their losses.

“We are a program of moral victories, moral returns, which is not part of our program,” Stalin said. “We are waiting for the winner of the championship.”

Some other things to watch in the SEC tournament.


The SEC is deeply talented, it’s hard to rank a team in the top six. Tennessee No. 14 is in third place. Georgia No. 16 is fourth. The two best players in the league play at No. 17 Kentucky Ար Arkansas Raz The Razobacks’s Chelsea Dang և The Wildcats Ռ Ryan Howard’s Pre-season Player of the Year.


Along with Texas A&M, Arkansas is one of the hottest teams in the SEC to compete in a tournament that has won five consecutive games in eight of the past nine. Razorbacks’ only loss in that area last month was Aggies 69-67. Because they had the whole season, Arkansas did it with an insult. It is the fifth in the country է leads the SEC with 84 points. While Dungee leads the league with 22.2 points, Destiny Slocum averaged 15.6 points for Razorbacks and Amber Ramirez had 13.8 points.


It has been seven years since he won the league tournament in Tennessee, the longest drought in the history of the program during the event that prevailed. From 1980 to 2014, Lady Wallace won 17 crowns at the tournament, but has not reached the semifinals since 2016. Tennessee hopes to change that this season.


The SEC, as the league has spent most of the regular season, will have a smaller pitch, during which Vanderbilt refused to leave the season due to the epidemic. A 13-team pitch means just one game in the first round between 12th-placed Florida (10-12, 3-11) and 13th-placed Auburn (5-18, 0-15).


The epidemic will hamper the big event in South Carolina, especially when the Gamecocks are chasing the championship. There were 7,715 fans for the last session of 2017 when South Carolina defeated 9,971 people in the 59-49 և building in Mississippi as the Gamecocks won last year ‘s title 76-62, again against the Bulldogs. Bon Secours Wellness Arena has 15,951 people.


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