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Tar Heels draws attention to hiring Williams’ successor

North Carolina now faces the challenge of finding Roy Williams’ successor.

The Hall of Fame coach is stepping down from the Tar Heels men’s basketball program, opening his job for the first time in almost two decades. This is left by athletics director Bubba Cunningham, who is leading the search for the highest level of coaching in his ten-year tenure at the United Nations, and Williams intends to make at least some contribution.

“I believe we got the best job in college basketball,” Cunningham said. “This work does not open very often. We have to spend a lot of time thinking about who is the right person now. ”

Williams announced on Thursday that he was ending his career, saying that in the last two difficult seasons he no longer feels “the right person” for the job. That concludes the 18-season run, which included three NCAA titles, as he returned to his home university after a 15-year run in Kansas.

At a virtual news conference Thursday night, Cunningham said he and Chancellor Kevin Guskich would lead the process, rather than using a search company or commission. He said he had asked for input from many former players, including Williams, who Cunningham said had already shared his views.

Williams said during his press conference on Thursday.

“I put a heavy burden on his անց Chancellor’s shoulders because I have a very strong opinion on what I want to happen to the program,” Williams said.

Cunningham said he preferred the experience of a head coach, but that was not necessary. The same goes for hiring someone with UN ties who worked with Dean Smith after his 1997 retirement with his aide Bill Gutridge, after Williams returned in 2003, but did not work during Matt Doherty’s tumultuous tenure after Williams refused in 2000. Work after retiring from Guttierez.

“History and tradition win here,” Cunningham said. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s possible. But this is not the only factor trying to make such a decision. “

Cunningham said there was no clear timetable, although he noted that the United Nations was quick to move McBrun after the second sacking of Larry Fedora, which took place in November 2018, just days later. He said the new coach needed to deal with a large number of college players pursuing transfers, a list that includes 7-year-old UN 7-year-old Walker Kessler.

“There will be a very different environment for coaching, recruiting, keeping students on the team,” Cunningham said. “And frankly, college basketball is better when North Carolina is good. We must be good, we must be good. And now we have to find the right leader who can live up to the standards we are used to. ”


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