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The CDC investigation was looking for an outbreak of HIV infection in the largest part of the WVa

CHARLESTON, W. V. (AP) - U.S. Sen. John Manchin filed a congressional inquiry into the Centers for Disease...

68 teams punch their way to the box office. Now comes the hard part

The 68 teams whose names appeared in the bracket of the March madness only thought it was time to celebrate....

The government’s Inslee order will require Washington’s K-12 schools to offer in-person training as part of COVID-19 rehabilitation.

OLYMPIA - To bring students back to class by the end of April, Gov. Ayse Insley is set to issue...

Russia is slowing down Twitter, part of the pressure on social media

MOSCOW (AP) - Russian authorities announced on Wednesday that they were slowing down the upload of photos and videos on...

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