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Dembele և Vinicius shines before the “classic” after the crime

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) - "Barcelona" will rely on "Clasico" for a young player who until recently was unsure of his...

Former Malaysian PM Najib appeals 1MDB crime charge

PUTRA JAYA, Malaysia (AP) - A Malaysian court on Monday began hearing an appeal by former Prime Minister Najib Razak...

Britain is in the throes of a massive crime of violence.

LONDON - Tillie was torn from bed. Moet was stabbed from his home. Angel was taken out of...

The response of the British police to the protest has caused outrage before the adoption of the crime bill

LONDON (AP) - A British police officer's decision to issue a Saturday vigil for a woman who was abducted on...

Belgian police cracked down on organized crime in hundreds of raids

BRUSSELS (AP) - Belgian police launched an unprecedented crackdown on organized crime on Tuesday, the country's federal prosecutor's office said....

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