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Dubai will evict the group arrested for a nude photo session on a high-rise balcony

Dubai is set to deport about a dozen Ukrainian women and a Russian man who were detained after a nude...

A fake German heiress arrested in the United States is threatened with deportation

NEW YORK (AP) - U.S. immigration officials said on Thursday they had arrested Anna Sorokin, an artist who died as...

In Minsk, the police arrested more than 100 demonstrators.

KIV, Ukraine (AP) - Police in the Belarusian capital have arrested more than 100 people who rallied on Saturday to...

More than 50 arrested during Belarus Freedom Day protest

KIJ, UKRAINE (AP) - Protesters calling for the resignation of Belarus' authoritarian president marched in small groups through the capital,...

The woman refuses to wear a mask in Texas and is arrested again

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - An Oregon woman who was filmed on camera by a police body wearing a mask at...

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