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T-Mobile rejects low-budget reputation with new $ 90 plan

T-Mobile US, which built its reputation by offering low-cost phone service, has something new. High quality program for subscribers with good heels who want unlimited 5G access.

Starting Wednesday, Bellue-based T-Mobile will offer its new Magenta Max mobile app for $ 90 a month without data coverage. Unlike Verizon Communications և AT&T rivals, which slows down or speeds up connectivity when customers reach 50 gigabytes և 100 gigabytes of data per month, T-Mobile says it has no restrictions on the new app.

T-Mobile’s rise from the discount king of the wireless industry to a premium provider follows the expansion of the network, which says competitors can not match.

“This is a program that basically gives you unlimited speeds, as fast as the network can deliver,” said Matt Stenef, T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, in an interview.

Never suffocate a new battlefield – beyond free iPhones, free streaming services – price reductions, where carriers can try to attract the heaviest users, the biggest spenders.

T-Mobile, the second largest wireless carrier in the United States, launched its mobile service peers with the so-called low և mid-range 5G airwave. T-Mobile’s high-speed 5G network covers about a third of the country, and the company plans to double it by the end of the year.

But Verizon և AT & T aim to achieve that. They install high-speed 5G pockets in several cities. And all three companies are bidding for the $ 81.2 billion mid-range spectrum rights at the federal auction.

The advantages of the capabilities are not yet obvious, given the slow launch of 5G phones բաց the lack of drastically improved service quality. But larger networks will be crucial on the road when new bandwidth blockers are created.

How do the plans compare?

T-Mobile launches its unlimited plans for $ 65 per line, including taxes and fees, և tracheal congestion. This plan has a hotspot service limited to 3G սահման standard definition streams. The four-line package will be $ 26 automatic each.

T-Mobile’s previous high-end plan, the Magenta Plus, will be replaced by the Magenta Max. The “plus” offer costs 90 $ 90 for traffic jams if they used more than 50 gigabytes of data per month. Magenta Max includes a Netflix “lifetime” subscription 40 40 gigabytes of hotspots per month. T-Mobile has a monthly advertising price of $ 47 for a three-line package.

At the same time, AT&T is launching its unlimited program for $ 65 plus taxes and fees per line և includes 5G սահման standard definition video. The four lines work for $ 35 each, plus taxes and fees. AT & T’s top-of-the-line Elite is $ 85 per line գ includes HD video, 30GB hotspots և free HBO Max. But it breathes after 100 gigabytes of data per month. The four lines are $ 50 each.

Verizon launches unlimited apps for $ 70 per line, including 5G. Its four-line package is $ 35, plus taxes and fees. The program includes six months of Disney +, six months of Apple Music և six months of Discovery +. Verizon’s “More” offer is $ 90 per line, including 30GB of hotspot data, Disney +, Hulu և ESPN + package, Apple Music և Discovery + one year.


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