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T-Mobile cuts its own TV cable, switching to partner YouTube TV

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T-Mobile US will shut down its TVision live TV service, offering a discount on Google TV on Google TV, ending a three-year effort to create a cable-breaking alternative.

Customers “do not want more streaming services. “They want to help buy and navigate existing services,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sivert wrote in a blog post on Monday.

The decision to exit the streaming market comes weeks after Sivert said TVision was set to play a key role in the company’s broadband entry earlier this month.

“We don’t really think of TVision as a business,” Siert said in a March 11 interview. – You know, we think of it as an initiative, an initiative that will help us sell a home broadband network, serve customers.

Under the revised plan, T-Mobile will sell YouTube TV to its mobile subscribers for $ 54.99 a month, $ 10 less than Alphabet’s Google charges.

Bellue entered the pay-TV business in 2017 with the acquisition of Layer3 TV, which is closely operated through a premium TV subscriber service run online. The large package of TV channels, which cost from $ 75 to $ 100 per month, proved to be more of the same service from which cable subscribers escaped in record numbers.

After some difficulties, the launch of TVision, the project was postponed to 2018. It was first shown in 2019 with a set of 100 $ 100 ads, which was a bit far from where the TV was going.

“The pay-TV model is not broken, it is just changing,” Sivert said earlier this month. “The customer will simply give up those parts that do not work for them so quickly, will move to existing parts.”

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