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Syracuse is happy for the break before the ACC tournament

In the last two games, Syracuse has won its regular season with a revised schedule, continuing to pursue an NCAA bid. A time needed for a break.

“We went really hard,” said Syracuse coach Jim im Boyheim after a convincing 64-54 victory over Clemson on Wednesday night. “Those games were physical battles. We can use the break, there is absolutely no doubt. We are quite beaten. I think it will be very difficult for us to play on Saturday. Of course, I would not want to play someone we have played twice. That doesn’t make sense to me. ”

Duke և Georgia orgia Tech Last week, at best after further loss of the road, Orange (15-8, 9-7 Atlantic Conference) returned to the off-season picture after beating North Carolina 72-70 on Monday night. ,

Suddenly the schedule is good, և that’s good, given that freshman Quincy Gerier has a sore knee and freshman Kadari Richmon is treating a leg injury. In the game against Clemson, Boyheim said Richmond was lame in the locker room, but he came out against the Tigers in 18 minutes and had four assists with five points, all in free throws. In the spare time, he shared the first half, who finished with seven points and seven assists, giving the position 11 goal assists with only two turnovers.

“Both of those guys have to play, they have to help us,” Boyheim said.

Richmond also had four steals and 10 assists against Tar Heels, the most for a Siracus freshman, as Kaleb Joseph also suffered 10 extra defeats in Villanova in December 2014. Guerrier played 32 minutes against Clemson, scoring eight points and nine shots.

Syracuse survived Monday night in a close home game against North Carolina. The Oranges outscored by a wide margin of 53-33, on the attacking glass 26-13, and at the same time managed to win. Nine blocks, 20 forced turnovers և 28 points were scored by the UN, which included 15 Syracuse steals, helped differentiate the team that had won one of the previous 11 games against the Oranges.

Both victories looked at the 6-foot-11 role that will probably be played by Essie Edwards. The sleek second-year center-back against North Carolina played the season high for 24 minutes, a factor that also ended the season with highs (8) և steals (4) before making a mistake. Edwards played just three minutes against the smaller Clemson.

“Ess is going to get there,” Boyheim said. “He will help us down the road.”

The departure of junior striker Elijah Hughes from the NBA after he scored in the ACC 19 points game last season left a huge void, but Illinois’s Alan Griffin gave the Orange a similar production in that position. Griffin averages 15.3 points, 6.6 rebounds և 53 points (more than one from Buddy Boyheim) և 41 points. When he played his game because he was against Clemson – six 3 points, 22 points և 10 shots, he was a handful.

“I think our whole team has gotten better,” said Boyheim. “I think it is difficult to go 9-7 in this championship. This is a difficult championship. I think these guys did a great job. “In the end, we will see how it all plays out.”

Entering the weekend, Syracuse is eighth in a possible ACC match against Duke (11-10, 9-8), who still competes in North Carolina on Saturday (15-9, 9-6).

“We are in good shape,” Griffin said. “We finished strong together with two victories. “Now we just have to get ready for next week.”


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