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Syracuse glue – Marek Doleza turned upside down

Syracuse coach Jim im Boyheim has seen one or two things in his 45 seasons at his alma mater, and he is usually somewhat restrained in collecting excessive praise from his players. He made an exception for senior Marek Doleza.

“He is the most expensive player in our team. It is not even close. “He’s just a huge player,” said Boyheim. “It is difficult even. You can not even look at the statistics, because its potential is much greater. I mean, he has good statistics, but his potential is so great for our team. ”

Dolezaj’s role changed in an instant this season, just four minutes before the start of the game against Bryant in late November. Burama Sidibe, who was in the starting line-up, suffered a knee injury that effectively ended his season (after which he played just 11 minutes) and was replaced by a thin 6-foot-10 striker from Slovakia in defense of Boeheim’s signature area.

To say that Dolezai responded well to his previous role would be an understatement. The last show was last Sunday’s 75-72 second-round victory over West Virginia, the third seed in the Midwest. Near the middle of the second half, Dolezai made four mistakes on the bench when the climbers were gathering.

During that time, Orange had an 11-point lead thanks to a smooth pass from Dolezaj, who created junior goalkeeper Buddy Boeheim for three pairs. After Dolesay was placed on the bench, Essie Edwards quickly admitted his fourth mistake, so he returned to Dolesay, leaving the climbers out of the NCAA Tournament as the 11th-ranked “Orange” (18-9) earned a place in this round on Saturday night. in third place against Houston (26-3).

In the last nine minutes, Dolezay had four points, three shots and two assists, when the “oranges” were one point behind. Derek Calver, the climber of the first group, the All-Big 12 center, finished 2 to 9, one of the worst performances of the season.

“I think the key was really Marek, you know, decide. The game will collapse if he does not play, “said Jim my Boyheim. “He has to be in the game. We use our insults through him. He is so important to us. ”

In both tournaments, Dolesay scored 23 points in 7 of 10 shots, scored 10 shots, had five assists in each game, and did not miss a free throw in nine attempts, as he has three blocks and two steals. During the season, he averages 10 points, while avoiding a long ball. He is 0 to 0 from the bow, 55 scores 55.8%, which leads the team. He also averages 5.3 rebounds, converts the team’s top 87 free throws (in 102 attempts), ranks second with 89 assists, 47 rebounds, and leads the team for 946 minutes, which means that his The 200 200 listed րել took the terrible blow of the great men of the Atlantic Conference.

“I’ve been here for four years, I think this is the hardest year for me,” said Dolesay, who has gained about 20 pounds since arriving in Syracuse as part of his love of pizza as part of his weight gain.

What makes it special is its versatility, I basketball IQ is through the roof. Sort Wayne Gretzky on hardwood, a skilled passerby who is happy to create for his teammates.

“He just sees things better than anyone,” said Jim my Boyheim. “She knows when someone will come to the door. He’s just a great, great team player. He creates winning plays that sometimes go unnoticed, but they are there. “He is one of the most underrated players in the country.”

Dolezay puts the ball on the ball. The ball on the ball poses a threat to the defense because of his speed, which allows the shooters, like the younger son of the head coach, to work their magic more easily.

“He is a five-man who can lift the ball, play games, go hand in hand, he can close any big one, no matter what size, just the first great player, one of the smartest players. “- said Buddy Boyheim, who made 13 shots out of 23 bows in the tournament. “Five fallen men who can create plays is just a dream for a shooter. It helps me a lot. I get a clean look because of him. ”

Do not miss the fact that Dolezai is a tough character, despite the seemingly eternal smile. In a five-point victory over Orjestown in early January, blood flowed from Doleza’s chin with a wandering elbow, bouncing part of a tooth on Jim my Boyheim court. He finished the game at the urging of his coach.

Just two years ago, the beloved Dolezaj solidified his orange legacy by simply pursuing one of his professions, taking charge. Not just any accusation. Former Duke ion star Ion Williamson is being held indoors at Cameroon Stadium. The 6-foot, 7.5, 285-pound’s was headed for one of its trademark helmets, and Dolesay, who was more than 100 100 at the time, bravely stood in his way, more than ready to make a difference. team. After that, he said in the dressing room that he really did not know what he was thinking.

Of course he did.

Final score. Syracuse 95, top class Duke 91, overtime.


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