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Survey managers do not understand that employees are poor and want to leave

A Microsoft survey of global employees found that the majority thought they were struggling or simply surviving an epidemic of work, with a large percentage planning to leave their employer this year. At the same time, the majority of business leaders surveyed said they were “thriving.”

A total of 46% of respondents said they plan to move to a new location this year to reflect the greater flexibility of working from home. And 41% of those surveyed said they were going to quit their jobs, according to the Microsoft Work Trend Index released on Monday, which surveyed 30,000 people from 31 companies in 31 countries and used 365 jobs through Microsoft software. տ Trillion productivity data points. և LinkedIn network. It turned out that exhaustion is widespread. 54% of employees said they were overworked, 39% – exhausted.

But the struggle of employees, which took place in the upheavals that drove them away from their offices, is ignored by their executives և who conducted a survey in the only group where the majority said they were thriving.

The employees of Gen Z, those 18 to 25 years old, live in the worst period. Researchers believe that their feelings of isolation are higher because they are more likely to be lonely at an early age. Although good executives are mostly male, the study found that women, front-line employees, and new employees also report challenges.

“Leaders are not in touch,” said Ared Spataro, Microsoft’s vice president. “Sixty-one percent say they are flourishing. That’s 23% more than the average employee, so there’s a shutdown. They are like. “This is wonderful.”

Although research has shown that the use of Microsoft’s Teams chat և telecommunications product is on the rise, it և notes that this inexhaustible growth for employees is weakening. The time spent in team meetings has doubled և is constantly growing. Meetings last an average of 10 minutes սովորական The average team user sends 45% more conversations per week, 42% more than after regular business hours.

“There is a feeling that the boundaries have suddenly disappeared.” Somehow my boss thinks he can wake me up at 7 o’clock, constantly pinging me at 7 or 8 or 21 o’clock in the evening, “he said. Spatron. “We think it’s possible for people to recognize, ‘Look, people are doing better on schedule.’

Companies seem to tend to allow flexibility in telecommuting, even if the epidemic is weakening in some countries. Job postings on LinkedIn for remote work have increased fivefold, with Microsoft noting that different groups of employees are more likely to apply for those positions. But the remote work has led to the narrowing of networks. Teams և Outlook email. Email data show that messages sent to entire teams, larger groups, or groups outside the main staff area are decreasing, անալու increasing focus on a narrower circle of employees. The software is concerned that this trend could hurt innovation.


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