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Super League clubs report that FIFA legal action has already begun

LONDON (AP) – Twelve European clubs chasing the Super League have told FIFA and UEFA officials that they are already being sued for failing to start a suspended match, the Associated Press said in a letter on Monday.

The letter was sent by a group of English, Spanish and Italian clubs to FIFA President Ian Ani Infantino and his UEFA partner Alexander Chafferin, saying that the Super League had already been accepted with funding from a financial institution of 4 billion euros ($ 5.5 billion).

UEFA warns Super League clubs, including Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United, after their plans were leaked on Sunday that they would take action against rebellious clubs, saying that they have banned internal competition such as Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, international competitions.

“We are concerned that FIFA and UEFA may respond to this invitation by attempting to take punitive measures to exclude any club or player they participate in,” Super League clubs wrote to Infantino and Ceferin.

“Your official statement, however, compels us to take protective steps to safeguard ourselves from an adverse response that would not only jeopardize our commitment to the grant, but is essentially illegal. That is why SLCo (Super League Company) has submitted a petition to the relevant courts to ensure the smooth running of the Competition և its operation in accordance with applicable laws. ”

The courts were not named.

“As a member of the SLCo Board, we have a responsibility to ensure that all reasonable action is taken to protect the interests of our stakeholders in the competition, taking into account the irreparable damage that can be done if we are deprived for any reason. “Opportunity to hold a competition immediately and distribute the proceeds of the grant,” the letter from the Super League continues.

The Super League intends to start a 20-team competition with 15 founding members, but currently only 12 are registered. They are English “Arsenal”, “Chelsea”, “Liverpool”, “Manchester City”, “Tottenham”. Atletico Madrid and AC Milan rivals AC are also part of the program.

The break-up came at a time when UEFA, which specializes in European football, believed it had agreed to expand the Champions League from 2024. Now, the same officials who supported the program decided to hold it alone, while insisting that the existing competitions could remain. despite losing their most successful teams, including record 13 European champions Real Madrid and six-time winners Liverpool.

“The competition must play in parallel with the current domestic league ավ Cup competition, which is an important part of the competitive structure of European football,” the Super League wrote in a letter to Infanatino and Ceferin. “We are not trying to replace the UEFA Champions League or Europa League, but to compete with those tournaments to exist.


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