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Stops hit the end of the game, 2-run HR, Pirates Giants 8-6

PIT TS BURG (AP) – In Jacob Stalins, in the ninth innings, he hit Homer in a two-on-two run, and the Pittsburgh pirates rallied around the San Francisco Giants 8-6 on Saturday night.

The pull-up had two doubles, covering the return of four runs in the seventh with two, making it six.

“It was a crazy game,” Stallings said. “I think it was more pumped up than I usually have, it was more emotional than I usually have. It was just such a game. “

Adam Fraser finished 9th in Pittsburgh and was pushed off the plate when he tried to score a double by Brian Reynolds. Reynolds took the third goal of the game and left the house when Staling sent a drive from McGee to the field to the whites of the left field (1-1).

McGee declined to lose to Reynolds 3-2 on Friday.

“I trust everyone in our pen,” said Giants manager Gabe Kapler. “It does not mean that this is not a real challenge. These In these situations we try to win baseball games. “Sometimes you have to do everything you can to win them over.”

Last September 22, the stations played in an empty PNC park against the Chicago Cubs 3: They won the game against “Chicago Cubs” with 2 points, which took place during a week.

“I don’t think I thought about it, but maybe it added to the excitement,” Stallings said. “It’s hard to say, but this time I was definitely more pumped up. So maybe that’s it. “

Kevin Newman scored the RBI single այլ another run on the field when the Pirates came in seventh.

Pi Pirates, who were closer to Richard Rodriguez (2-0), allowed Brandon Crawford to go out twice in the ninth before Mauricio Dubon came out.

Pittsburgh has won four of seven games since losing eight of its previous nine. The Pirates defeated the NL Western giants on Friday night after a sacrifice by Gregory Polanco in the 11th inn.

Rates pirate manager Derek Shelton was sent off for the first time this season when the eighth was arguing with the ball: kicks.

“Everything is dragging on, so the security guys got it first,” Shelton said of watching the club walk home. “It simply came to our notice then. We do not have a real game inside. We have a high house, we are late, so the security guys kind of let me know. But credit to our boys. “They kept fighting, fighting, it was terrible.”

Darin Ruff և Brandon Crawford ran home with Tyler Anderson to take the Giants 3-0 first. Mike Touchman defeated Kyle Keller, who was released in the doubles, 6-2 in the sixth round.

“Obviously, losing a few loved ones in the last few days can make you feel bad,” Ruff said. “But this team has enough veterans to respond quickly. I’m looking forward to going out there tomorrow, I hope they get some runs on the board, some good defensive performances. “

Giants’ first Johnny Cueto went 4 1/3 innings, allowing two runs and eight hits.


Rates pirate RHP nominated Miguel Yajur for Triple-A Indianapolis and recalled Keller from Indianapolis. Jajur struck one blow to the Giants in the top five of its starting five on Friday, the second in terms of professions.


Giants. Mike Jastrzemski did not play due to a lateral pain after hitting the wall of the right field on Friday. He is not expected to be long-term.

Rates pirates. 1B Colin Moran (groin) had the bullets hit him directly for the first time on Saturday, Shelton said. He was placed on the 10-day injured list on Sunday.


Giants LHP Alex Wood (4-0, 1.80 ERA) will try to keep sailing as he will meet Pirates RHP Mitch Keller (2-4, 7.81) on Sunday. Wood has not allowed more than two runs in five starts this season. Keller leveled 3 1/3, his last time after seven runs on Monday, against the Cincinnati Reds for the last time.


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