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Staying in quarantine, Virginia has a place in the tournament expectations

Virginia has a place in the NCAA Tournament. Will the Cavaliers be able to reach Indianapolis with enough players?

Virginia had to advance to the semifinals of the Atlantic Conference on Friday as the teammate tested positive for COVID-19. Coach Tony Bennett said there were no new positive results on Sunday night, but many of his players would be in quarantine until Thursday due to contact.

Although the other 67’s 68 teams were either in Indianapolis or scheduled to arrive on Monday, Virginia’s schedule, if all goes well, will leave on Friday for the first-round Western Conference game against No. 13 Ohio on Saturday night. :

“We’re going to make a lot of use of Zoom through video,” Bennett told reporters. “It’s certainly a unique way to prepare for the NCAA. But I’m thankful that the NCAA gave our young people a chance because they earned it that way. ”

The Cavaliers, in fourth place, were the last team to win the NCAA Championship before an epidemic forced them to cancel last year’s tournament. And they are not the only program in this year that deals with uncertainty.

Kansas was the other NCAA preparation team after exiting its conference last week.

Ay Ihox coach Bill Self said Kansas, the three seeds in the West just before Virginia, would leave for Indianapolis on Monday, but left with three players. Self said it hoped David McCormack and Tristan Enaruna, who tested positive before the Big 12, would be able to join the team later this week.

The situation in Virginia seems more uncertain.

The NCAA requires that up to 34 members of a travel party have seven consecutive negative COVID-19 tests before arriving in Indianapolis. NCAA Basketball Vice President Dan Gavit said Virginia could still meet those requirements.

“No matter how painful their situation was. “Not being able to finish the ACC tournament happened long enough for the quarantined victims to be cleansed and confirmed by their local health officials to be quarantined in just seven days, which is in line with our seven-day negative test records,” Gavit said.

“It was close. “Frankly, if it happened on the weekends (Saturday) or (Sunday), it probably would not be able to take place,” he added.

As with other tournament teams, Virginia’s travel party will be tested upon arrival in Indianapolis, quarantined until the results are returned, tested again, and returned to quarantine until the results are returned.

“It can be a situation where you train here, you just get in the game, you play,” said Bennett.

There are substitute teams waiting to see if Virginia or any of the teams have to leave the tournament. Louisville, Colorado, St. Louis, Mississippi were told to stop at the university. The cardinals would be the first choice as the team closest to preparing the pitch.

The deadline for team replacements is Tuesday. After that, if the team can not play, the game is considered without a competition, և its opponent passes to the next round.

Bennett hopes that Virginia will stand trial as scheduled Saturday evening at 7 p.m. On the 15th at the Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana.

“We’ll have plenty of time,” Bennett said. “It’s just not the perfect preparation for that.”


AP College basketball writer Aaron Bard contributed.


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