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Split of European football. Elite clubs threaten to break away from the league

LONDON (AP) – A group of European elite clubs is again threatening to leave the Champions League to make a break, just as UEFA thought it had reached an agreement on a new size for its competition to be announced on Monday.

The governing body of European football is aware that clubs, including Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester United, are among those renewing their bid to start the Super League. The man spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, citing a report by The Times of London.

The board of the European Club Association, chaired by Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, և The UEFA Club Competition Committee on Friday signed an extension of 32 to 36 teams in the new edition of the Champions League from 2024.

Despite Agnelli’s role in ECA հիմ UEFA as its Executive Committee, Juventus are said to be one of the teams in the Super League: AC Milan, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham , With Arsenal, Real Madrid. Madrid, Barcelona և Atletico Madrid. French champions Paris Saint-Germain have not registered for the Super League.

The Premier League wrote to the clubs on Sunday that its rules do not allow clubs to join competitions without approval, urging them to stay away from the Super League.

Serie A held an emergency board meeting on Sunday to discuss the Super League threat. Juventus responded “without comment” when the AP contacted the Super League on Sunday, which first appeared in January.

The creation of an annual competition of 20 teams will include the top 15 clubs as permanent members. The other five teams would be different each season, although the qualifying method has not been determined.

Each of the 15 founding members will receive at least € 3.5 billion ($ 4.2 billion) in initial infrastructure grants. The money will be divided into four levels of clubs, and each of the top six will receive 350 million euros ($ 420 million).

The competition was to start with two groups of 10 teams, with the top four from each group advancing to the quarterfinals. This will guarantee 18 Super League matches per year for each team, compared to at least ten new appearances in the Champions League group stage.

The games, apart from the final, will be played on Sunday, like the current Champions League, which will allow them to still play in domestic tournaments.

The latest Super League bid is expected to generate 4 billion euros ($ 4.86 billion) a year in revenue from broadcasters. For comparison, UEFA recently announced that it has earned a total of 3.25 billion euros from the sale of the rights to the Champions League, Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.

The 15 founding clubs of the new competition will receive the largest share of broadcasting revenue.


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