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South Carolina beat Texas 62-34 to reach the quarterfinals

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – Ia Cook scored 16 points, while South Carolina used its suffocating defense to reach the quarter-finals for the third time, closing Texas to a 62-34 victory on Tuesday night.

South Carolina, who finished in the top spot, blocked 14 shots, nine by Laetikia Amihere, and kept Texas 6th with 23% shots. In the fourth quarter, the Longhorns won 10-0.

Demanny Henderson and Victoria Saxton had 12 points each for the Gamecocks, while Amihere also had 10 points and eight rebounds.

South Carolina coach Dawn Staley broke his league record for a 6-0 win over Vic Schaefer of Texas when they met at the SEC when Schaefer was in Mississippi. That includes beating Schaefer in the 2017 national final.

South Carolina (26-4) won in the Hemisphere region to advance to Friday’s national semifinal in Tuesday night’s Alamo circuit final between Stanford No. 1 and Louisville No. 2.

In the third quarter, South Carolina ran for a 19-point lead, then responded to Texas with a Henderson 3-point shot.

Schaefer took a job in Texas in April 2020, leaving the Longhorns under an impressive post-season under abrasive protection that moved the school to the edge of its first women Final Four since 2003.

In 1997, Texas played No. 6 since Notre Dame to reach the finals.

But the Longhorns looked tired after UCLA ծանր ծանր ծանր նկատմամբ նկատմամբ նկատմամբ նկատմամբ նկատմամբ նկատմամբ և և հաղթանակ և ծանր ծանր ծանր ծանր ծանր հետո հետո::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Audrey Warren led the Longhorns with 13 points (21-10).

South Carolina had no problems with an early Texas defense with Saxton’s three back-to-back assists as the Gamecocks went 18-7 in the second quarter. And Gamecocks discarded the discs in the cart և produced four fast blocks when Texas tried.

In the first quarter, the Longhorns hit just three of 16 goals. At the same time, South Carolina hit 57% in the first half, the lead of the third reached 41-22, while Texas would return 9-0, which forced Stale to call a break.

South Carolina responded with 3 points each to Henderson to start Gamecocks in the escape that led to the game.

Battle under ambush B.

South Carolina All-American center Alia Boston dominated her fight with Texas striker Charlie Collier, who is projected to be the No. 1 voter for the WNBA draft. Boston consistently pushed Collier out of the basket, never letting him rest from his blow. Collier was not a factor at night, finishing 4 with a score of 10 out of 10, with four rebounds. While controlling the paint, Boston scored 10 points and scored eight boards.


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