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Son raped online after Tottenham lost to Man U

LONDON (AP) – Tottenham striker Son Heung-min became the last player in the Premier League to be subjected to racist violence on social media after the game on Sunday.

The player of the South Korean national team took part in an incident, as a result of which Edinson Cavani’s goal was ruled out in the first half, as “Tottenham” lost to “Manchester United” 3-1. The verdict was that Scott McTomeyon allowed Sonny in the background for what would be the starting point of the game.

Son, who scored Tottenham’s goal, became the target of racist insults both in response to Tottenham’s official report tweet and in the comments section of his latest Instagram post.

“Another day of play, more disgusting racial violence suffered by one of our players,” Tottenham said in a statement. “This has been reported to the platforms again. We now have to carry out a full review with the Premier League to find the most effective move forward. We stand by you, Sonny. ”

Twitter և Instagram’s Facebook have recently rejected an interview with The Associated Press to discuss how they work to eradicate racist violence against footballers.


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