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Some scientists are questioning the WHO’s investigation into the origin of the coronavirus epidemic

Asked to respond to the letter, WHO spokesman Tarik Yasarich said in an e-mail that the team of experts in China was “working on its full report, as well as the accompanying summary report, which we understand will be released simultaneously in a few weeks.”

The open letter stated that the WHO study was a joint effort by a team of external experts selected by the World Health Organization to work with Chinese scientists, and that the team’s report should be agreed upon by all. The letter stressed that the team had been denied access to some of the records and had not studied Chinese laboratories.

The letter states that the results found by the team “are potentially useful to a limited extent, but do not represent the official position of the WTO or the result of an unrestricted, independent investigation.”

Without naming him, the letter criticized Peter Dasak, an expert on animal diseases and human health, who heads the EcoHealth Alliance. The letter was linked to articles about Dr. Dasak, who said he had previously stated in his conviction that the natural origin of the virus was most likely.

Dr. Dasak says the letter’s study of the laboratory’s laboratory origins calls for “support for political agendas.”

“I urge the international community to wait for the release of the WTO mission report,” he added.

Philippa Lenzos, Senior Professor of Science և International Security at King’s College London, one of the signatories of the letter, said: “I think that in order to get a credible investigation, more effort should be made. It makes sense that it should be transferred to the UN General Assembly, where all the nations of the world are represented. Can they vote on whether or not to give a mandate to the UN Secretary General? to conduct a kind of investigation. “


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