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Some Poles expel viruses as strong blockade takes effect

WARSAW, Poland (AP) – The Piw Paw Club in Warsaw advertised its event as a “Pandemic Fashion Show” featuring models wearing “2021 Spring Collection Masks”.

But even before the show started on Friday night, police began to enter. They fired several customers, arrested the owner of the club, who kept his doors open, despite epidemic restrictions banning the sale of alcohol or closed meals, despite former police. raids և arrests.

New epidemic restrictions take effect in Poland on Saturday to slow the spread of the virus as the Central European region becomes a hotbed of the global virus.

But the authorities already have problems with people breaking the existing rules.

Piw Paw owner Michal Masiag says he is close to bankruptcy. He used various tricks to try to stay open. Although he said he did not consider the coronavirus worse than other diseases and did not wear a mask, Makiag declared his bar a “mask factory”. On Friday night, several people were sewing masks in a corner.

Those who drank beer “did not buy” beer, which is illegal, they asked for “degustation”. A commemorative box was placed for those wishing to donate.

Maciag’s continued insistence on opening the bar to customers is also due to anger at the authorities.

When police stormed in Friday evening, Masiag, still in disguise, was holding a beer and taking pictures of police officers on his phone. He sang songs again and again, consisting of vulgar words addressed to Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party as police took people’s details.

“This is just a show,” Masiag said of the police raid.

Minutes later, the police forced him to get out and get into their van.

On Friday, Poland set its third consecutive record with COVID-19 new cases. In a country of 38 million people over 35,000 per day. To date, the epidemic has claimed the lives of more than 51,000 Poles.

Announcing the new restrictions, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiczki said they would save lives as a new mutation in the virus, first discovered in Britain, spreads rapidly. Poland’s distorted healthcare sector is struggling to cope as it is.

“We are one step away from crossing the border beyond which we will not be able to properly treat patients, treat our citizens,” Morawiecki said on Thursday. “We must do everything possible to avoid such a scenario.”

However, the restrictions are causing widespread economic pain. In a country where people have found their way to cheat the system for decades under communism, some are once again looking for ways to circumvent the rules of income protection.

Personal trainer Piotr Novakowski was fired when the government closed gyms months ago. He now trains his clients in a small makeshift gym he has set up in the underground garage of his apartment building.

Sometimes cars interfere with their noise and exhaust fumes. But the neighbors did not complain. Finding a way to continue working, he was able to support his family, pay his bills and loans.

“I really had no choice,” he said. “I had to respond quickly. The restrictions came from one day to the next. ”

Hairdresser Ksavery Karczyk suddenly found himself without income when he had to close his hairdressing salons last spring, including the one where he worked. They were later allowed to reopen, but will have to close again on Saturday, which drove them crazy at the last minute on Friday to hairdressing salons.

After the first break-up, Kartsky lost his job and went on to make home calls. He has carved a small area in his apartment where he does his clients’ hair.

The initial period of financial assistance to entrepreneurs did not give him much money, he feels that he can not rely on politicians to provide assistance in the future.

“I think they do not think about us, but about themselves,” said Karchsky.

Those who practice the rules often believe that it is not the politicians themselves who break the law, but the police. The government imposed the blockade by government decree, but without a formal state of emergency by parliament.

Well-known Warsaw lawyer Jacek Dubois argues that this means that the restrictions themselves are indeed illegal under Polish law.

“If these regulations were introduced in accordance with the law, business activities would be banned due to the extraordinary situation, at some point the authorities would have to compensate the entrepreneurs,” he said.

The new restrictions, which take effect on Saturday, will run for two weeks around the holiday. They reduce the number allowed in churches.

Health Minister Adam Nidzijelski noted that even earlier boundaries were not respected in churches. Catholics, usually the strongest supporters of the government, are also among those who break the rules.

The bishop of the Diocese of Svidnica, Ignatius Deck, told the Nasz Dziennik this week that he was against restrictions on attending church.

“During the epidemic, nonsense closed the source of mental and physical treatment,” he said.


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