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Some companies want to have masks, even when the states are resigning

NEW YORK (AP) – Although Texas no longer requires people to wear masks to protect themselves from COVID-19, customers need to enter the De J. Lozada store.

“We can not afford to risk the lives of my employees. “They are young, and their parents have entrusted me with their care,” said Lozada, owner of Sust Popped Gourmet Popcorn in Barton Creek Square Mall, Austin.

Lozada is worried about her 85-year-old father, who will return to his part-time job at the store this month. He has an employee at the door of his shop who tells someone without a mask that he can not enter.

Eighteen states do not currently require masks, including some that have never required face masks. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott resigned from his state mask on March 2, and Indiana expects to end his term on Tuesday.

But many business owners like Lozada follow their own rules, requiring employees and customers to wear masks to protect everyone, especially their employees.

And the law is from the master. The company premises are privately owned, so owners may require customers to wear a mask, just as restaurants may require diners to wear shoes and shirts to serve.

“Shop owners, business owners have an absolute right to demand from customers, sellers, anyone who comes to wear a mask on their property,” says J ons. It is legal as long as the owners do not fulfill their demands in a discriminatory manner, he says.

If a customer enters a store without a mask, they are asked to leave, but no, this may be a violation of the law. Lozada says that if he had called the situation, he would have called 911.

Most retail chains require employees and customers to wear masks. One exception, Foot Locker, says that every store meets the requirements of the state in which it is located.

Employers are required by federal law և in some states to provide a safe workplace for their employees, և this may include wearing masks throughout the area. The Department of Occupational Safety and Health states in its COVID-19 section of its website that employers are required to have a workplace “free from known hazards that may or may not result in death or serious physical harm.”

When Inteplast Group employees ask why they have to wear masks, plastic product managers can point to the law, says Brenda Wilson, chief executive of human resources և Livingston, New Jersey. At this point, COVID-19 protection masks are just as effective as factory workers’s’s eye protection. But he says Inteplast customers also need to be protected.

“It’s up to us to get the product out. “If we have an outbreak, it leads to a loss of production capacity, then no one is going to win,” said Wilson.

Many employees want their bosses to demand masks. The 16 massage therapists who work at Amber Briggle are unable to maintain the recommended six-foot distance from their clients while still doing their job. She requires masks for everyone at her two Soma massage parlors in Denton, Texas. He wrote in a blog to his customers: “The same masks have kept us all healthy since we reopened in May. “We did not have a single case of COVID transmitted here despite being seen by thousands.”

When some customers objected, saying they wanted to be more comfortable and not worry about safety, Briggle stood firm.

“I told them, ‘You can put on your mask or you can leave.’ And they would leave. “We would offer them a mask, they would leave,” he said. But the demand for masks has brought Briggle new customers, including some members who have canceled membership in resorts where masks are no longer required.

Even with the masks on, Briggle և and his staff had three COVID-19 fears when customers called after the meeting saying they had a positive result for the virus. The three therapists were removed from the schedule and their clients were notified. Neither the therapists nor their clients gave positive results.

But some homeowners do not want their customers or clients to feel uncomfortable. When Vanessa Perry, a credit counselor in Houston, asked if they could remove the masks, she said, “OK.”

“We’re keeping our customers away from doing what makes them comfortable,” said Perry, owner of Perfect Credit Services. Perry և her staff remain masked.

Perry has researched before choosing his preferred mask policy for his clients. The growing number of people being vaccinated in Houston փաստ The fact that most Perry clients have seen online has convinced them that the client is less likely to spread the virus.

But when a prospective client comes to Just Aston Hill in San Antonio, Texas without a mask, Hill takes them out into the basement for a chat. He often finds that when he and his potential client disagree about masks, it is a sign that they may not work well on the case.

“Some of them, we realized, might not have been so good,” said Hill, whose practice specializes in personal injury cases.



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