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Sinovac says its vaccine is safe for children under 3 years of age

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – Sinovac says its COVID-19 vaccine is safe for children ages 3-17, based on preliminary data released to Chinese drug regulators.

More than 70 million shots of the Sinovac vaccine have been fired worldwide, including in China.

China has approved its use in adults, but it has not yet been used in children, as their immune systems may respond differently to the vaccine.

Early to mid-clinical trials involving more than 550 subjects showed that the vaccine elicited an immune response, said Sinangak Medical Director Gang Eng Yang at a news conference.

In response to the vaccine, two recipients developed a high fever, one 3 years old and the other 6 years old. The rest of the subjects had mild symptoms, he said.

“Demonstrating that the vaccine is safe and can provide a beneficial immune response against SARS-CoV-2 is very welcome,” said Eng Eong Oo, a professor at Duke NUS Medical School in Singapore, who is co-chairing a separate development. Covid19 vaccine. However, he said that the data provided by the company to the public is not enough to give a final answer about the findings.

Children are much less likely to get serious COVID-19, but they are still at risk of spreading the virus. And while vaccination campaigns around the world have focused on adults, children need to be immunized to stop the epidemic.

The Pfizer vaccine is purified for use from the age of 16 and is studied at the age of 12-16. Moderna is testing its vaccine in children over 12 years of age, and last week announced a new study testing its use in children under 12 years of age.

The state-owned Sinopharm, which has two COVID-19 vaccines, is also studying the effectiveness of its vaccines in children. The company said in January that it had submitted clinical data to regulators, although it was unclear whether they were intended for one or two vaccines.


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