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Seton Hall wins St. Louis semifinals in Big East, OT John’s 77-69

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NEW YORK (AP) – Ared Ared Rodin made six free throws in extra time, scoring 16 rebounds in his 19-career career, and Seton Hall advanced to the Big East quarter-finals in St. John’s 77-69 on Thursday, scoring four in no time. -game game

Sandro Mamukelashvili scored 20 points and 11 rebounds in 44 minutes for the fifth-placed “Raven Pirates” (14-12), who desperately needed a victory to add to the resume of the NCAA tournament, which seemed very strong not so long ago.

Miles Kale added 16 points and eight blocks, and Ike Obiago blocked seven shots before counting, when Seton Hall took the lead in Friday night’s first semi-final at Orchtown in Madison Square Garden. Eighth seed Hoyas prevented the upper seed և Vilanova No. 72-72-71 during the day.

Big East champion Julian Champagne led the St. John ounce with 21 points from 7 hits և 9 rebounds with 16 points. Rashim Dunn scored the 15th point for fourth-placed Red Storm (16-11), which did not reach the semifinals of the Great East after winning the third title of the tournament in 2000.

There was a long drought for one of the members of the league charter.

Following the elimination of a possible NCAA tournament, Seton Hall avenged a 81-71 road loss five days ahead of his Hudson River rivals, during which the Pirates inflated an 18-0 cushion. Now they are probably the best opportunity for the Big East to reach the fourth team in the NCAA, along with Vilanova, Creighton և UConn.

St. John On equalized it at 60 with a 3-pointer from the right corner by Marcelus Erlington, with only two minutes left in the settlement. Rashem Dan’s two free throws sparked the Red Storm before Miles Kyle even pulled the pirates into a machine layout with 54 seconds left.

Champagne և Mamukelashvili had a late look, but could not convert.

Rodin’s rough shot 30 seconds into extra time added that the pirates were ahead. Rodin added two free throws, Kyle made a turn in the series, making it 70-64 in 1:45, and Seton Hall blocked it from the line.

For the first time since that bizarre end to last year ‘s Big East tournament, St.

The Red Storm usually hosts high-profile matches at The Garden, but the virus restrictions this season put their home games at the “virtually empty” Queensca Arena in Queens.


Seton Hall. Stopping their losing streak just in time, the pirates hope that a strong run in Madison Square Garden can bring them to the NCAAs. “Seton Hall” is the last program besides Vilanova, which won the “Big East” tournament, winning the 2016 championship.

St. John on. Were it not for the February crush on Seed 10 Butler’s last-placed DePaul, the Red Storm would now be following the NCAA’s large-scale landing. But they still maintain their post-season aspirations after being reborn under sophomore Mike Anderson. The ninth-ranked St. John ounce, according to a Big East Season Coach Survey, won the tournament for the first time in six years and its highest seed since the third year of 2000.


Seton Hall. This season split into two games with Orjtown, in which the hosts won each.

St. John May be a candidate for a fairly high seed in the Texas NIT. For the reduced field of 16, the combinations will be announced on Sunday evening.


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