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Senator Tom Tillis says he will have surgery for prostate cancer

RALIT, PRESIDENT. “Senator Tom Tillis said Monday he has prostate cancer and will have surgery in North Carolina next week to treat it.

“I am in the hands of prominent medical professionals and I expect to be fully recovered,” the Republican Party said in a statement.

He said the cancer was found relatively early.

“I can not stress enough how ordinary screenings are, no matter how healthy you think,” he wrote. “I had no symptoms, I could not have imagined I had cancer. My prognosis is good because I went for an annual physical exam, got a PSA test, which resulted in a biopsy, and finally my diagnosis. “Early detection can really save lives.”

Minnesota et Carnes, a urologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who specializes in prostate cancer, does not treat Tillis, but said patients with a similar diagnosis, who are found early in the morning, usually stay in the hospital, which he considers “quite Patients he treated often returned to work within four to six weeks, and some did desk work within a week of surgery.

Tillis, a 60-year-old Charlotte resident who is married with two grown children, is a former IBM consultant who joined the U.S. Senate after serving eight years in the North Carolina State House, and the last four as House Speaker.

His victory in 2014 over Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan helped the GOP gain control of the Senate. He won re-election after narrowly defeating Democratic rival Cal Cunningham in 2020, when he became the most expensive race in the US Senate ever. Tbilissi (Georgia) serves on the “judicial committees” of the armed services, usually a reliable vote for the leadership of the republic.

Senator Richard Boer, a GOP colleague at the House in Tbilisi, said in a statement that he was praying for his wife, Susan, in Tbilisi.

“I am confident that Tom will meet this last challenge as he approaches everything in life with great enthusiasm, in a good mood, with the support of his friends and family,” Boer wrote.


Associated Press writer Gary Robertson contributed to this report.


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