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Selena Gomez և J.Lo is a concert for poor nations

New York (AP) – At an international concert hosted by Selena Gomez, led by Jennifer Lopez, Global Citizen presents an ambitious campaign to help medical workers in the world’s poorest countries get COVID-19 vaccines quickly.

The Poverty Alleviation Organization announces “VAX Live. The Concert to Reunite the World “music event, which aims to involve corporations and philanthropists to raise $ 22 billion in global vaccines. The concert, which airs May 8 on ABC, CBS և FOX, as well as on iHeartMedia և YouTube, will feature Foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder, J Balvin և HER.

The acts will be recorded at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Ahead of the event, Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans highlighted the magnitude of the problem his organization aims to address.

“There are 27 million health care providers worldwide who do not have access to vaccines,” Evans told the Associated Press. “I am 38 years old. It’s not ethical for me to get the vaccine in front of these heroic first responders, the community health workers.” “So we need governments to start allocating those doses as a matter of urgency.”

The Global Citizen program is part of a growing network of nonprofit activists seeking to achieve a wider, more equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. As of this month, 60 countries have not yet received COVID-19 vaccines, Evans said.

“Low-income countries not only need this welcome fundraising effort. they need access to doses of COVID-19 vaccines, ”said Tom Hart, executive director of ONE ONE, a nonprofit donation campaign last month. “The United States has provided more than 550 million overdoses that can be used to end the global epidemic faster.”

One week later, the Biden administration elected Gail Smith, President and CEO of The ONE Campaign, as the new Department of State’s Global COVID Response անվտանգության Health Safety Coordinator.

Global Citizen, which typically focuses on fighting extreme poverty, was involved in COVID-19 vaccines out of necessity.

“We can not go back to extreme poverty, while 150 million people have been pushed back into extreme poverty this year because of the epidemic,” Evans said. “Everything else is academic until we can control it.”

Last year, the advocacy group developed what it calls a “World Recovery Plan” that will hopefully address COVID-19, the climate crisis, hunger and education issues, as well as racial justice. Under the program, Global Citizen has secured $ 1.5 billion in commitments from the Group of Seven industrialized democracies. Eventually, it acknowledged the need for greater awareness and funding.

“We have decided to reunite the world with a global event that will bring together world leaders, artists, philanthropists and CEOs,” Evans said.

As he described, VAX Live will be the world’s first effort to lobby world leaders for a fairer distribution of vaccines. The event is also part of a multibillion-dollar commitment to send 2 billion doses of the vaccine to the world’s poorest countries in addition to COVID-19 tests by the end of the year. However, even if Global Citizen raises enough money, it will still need richer countries to continue to stockpile vaccines to allow drug manufacturers to become customers of primarily poor countries.

“This is not a ‘mission,'” Evans said. “But there is light at the end of the tunnel if we can ensure a fair distribution of the vaccine.”

Global Citizen wants healthcare professionals in every country in the world to get the vaccine by the end of 2021, one year ahead of current plans.

“By June, the US government will have 45 million more doses than their entire population will be vaccinated, just in the refrigerators and warehouses there,” Evans said. “It seems absolutely insane to sit in the fridge for the common good.”

On Tuesday, Global Citizen launched its Vax Because initiative to encourage people to get vaccinated when they can. The program will include ads developed by the Advertising Board, YouTube ոց others to spark conversation among those who are hesitant to get vaccinated.

“If people see that their friends and relatives are taking it, they are much more likely to take it,” Evans said. “If people are wondering what the vaccine really does in terms of reuniting their friends and family, they are much more likely to take it.”

For Evans, Gomez is the ideal host to squeeze those points to the people who had the most to hear.

“Selena Gomez is definitely an incredible leader,” he said. “He has one of the greatest social influences on the planet, he’s a real leader among young people in the Latin community.”

For his part, Gomez said he was honored to be elected.

“This is a historic moment to encourage the world to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available, to call on world leaders to share the vaccine fairly, to bring people together for the night of music properly. “It has been possible to feel for the last year,” the singer said in a statement, “Lose me for love.” “I’m looking forward to it.”

For years, Global Citizen has used the power of celebrities to connect with their fans to create a “collective action” movement that shows government leaders how popular some programs are. His annual Global Civic Festivals in Central Park helped he or she achieve his or her goal of eradicating extreme poverty by 2030 with the help of Beyoncé or Coldplay fans or Stevie Wonder on social media with world leaders.

The band hopes to do it again via VAX Live.

“I think growing up, we were all taught what I would call ‘Sally Struthers’ view of charity. “If I just give a few dollars here and there, it will make a difference,” Evans said. “This methodology is not only large-scale, but really just crumbs from the table. It will not feed anyone. It will not build any long-term stability. “We believe in the power of ‘collective action’ because we know we are trying to change the systems that keep people poor.”


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