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Seeing is believing. Bauer closed his eyes and stopped the closing ball

What is the advice that the coaches of the Small League always say to their children? Keep your eye on the ball, right?

Trevor Bauer came up with a new idea for the idea.

The new ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to challenge himself in spring training, he closed his right eye and came out on Saturday with the first stopper.

He even winked as he walked away from the hill.

“I like to make myself uncomfortable, throw different things in my path, try to find a solution to it,” the NL Cy Young Award winner told the Los Angeles media.

“It simply came to our notice then. “Find a way to make yourself uncomfortable, to be comfortable with it, and then do it again,” he said.

San Diego general manager Yurickson closes the closure after giving a single to ֆ Profar քայլ after walking with Tommy Fem. His eyes closed, he retired with the next three strokes.

With a creative approach, Bauer completed three aimless innings, scoring three, allowing two strokes to walk.

“I realized that if they could not open the score for me with one point, it would be difficult to open me with two eyes,” Bauer said. “Just have some fun.”

Earlier this week, without signing a $ 102 million three-year contract after leaving the Incinati Reds, he made two closing deals in his exhibition debut.

Known for speaking his mind and going his own way, Bauer said he regularly turns a blind eye to bullshit sessions and other workouts.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts saw it first hand this time.

“I noticed. “It was the right eye that was closed on a handful of pitches,” he said. “I think when he can not get his order, that type reaffirms itself. I think it could have been a curved ball, I think he did it with two closed eyes. “



Chris Paddak allowed two hits in San Diego in his second start. Keone Kela made the perfect fifth move, hitting the sides.

Matt Davidson doubled the lead for the Dodgers.

ME ET 6, ASTROS 1 (6)

Jacob deGrom made two aimless contributions in his spring debut, scoring three and allowing one shot. The two-time NL Cy Young Award also received word that there was no doubt that it would open on April 1 in Washington.

Pete Alonso hit RBI’s double Houston starting manager Ak Greenke. James Ames McCann doubled և single, and Dominic Smith returned home to New York. Closer to home, Edwin Diaz trailed deGrom, scoring 1-2-3 during his first tour.

Greinke scored two hits in his only final.


Patrick Corbyn made his first start in Washington, taking two steps, allowing two shots in three shots. Ian Gomez և Andrew Stevenson had RBI singles for the Nats.

Sandy Alcantara made its second start in Miami, scoring six in a 2 1/3 finish. He refused two hits and two walks. Garrett Cooper was in the homeland and Jesus Aguilar had an RBI single.


Newcomer Tanner Roark made his Toronto debut with one shot in two relentless innings. B Springer finished alone in Bo Bichette’s single, stole the second and scored the goal.

Odebel Herrera finished the tournament standings, scoring a double by Alex Boh և and scoring a goal on the field during Philadelphia’s only run.

Pirates 3, Yankees 2 (7)

New York manager Aaron Boone returned to the drill three days after the heart stimulator implant. A few days later, at the age of 48, Bun returned to the camp after clearing the COVID-19 protocols and said he was fine.

James Amson Tylon made his debut for the Yankees against a team that sold him to New York this winter. He outperformed the two aimless innovations by four. Ay hey Bruce և Clint Fraser at home.

Gregory Polanco repatriated և with three hits for Pittsburgh. He already has eight RBIs in the Already show. Cody Ponce, who was competing in the last place of the rotation, made his first start. Ponce set to work, surrendering to Bruce’s home run, two steps away.


Reynaldo Lopez retired with all six blows he suffered at the start of the White Sox. Five jars were put together to close the Indians on three shots.

Scott Moss traveled to Cleveland, allowing two runs in three hits, walking twice. Brian Shaw made two hits, allowing two runs with two hits, but three hits in two innings.


Mike Minor retired in all six fights, which he faced in his first two starts in Kansas City, boosting all three. The second selection of the 2019 Junior League, Bobby Witt Jr., ended in the homeland.

San Francisco starter John Oni Cueto hit four of the seven hits he encountered on his two tours. Evan Longoria doubled, ran three times in the car, and Donova Solano captured the gates of the giants.

Cubs 3, Brewers 1 (7)

Shelby Miller scored three shots in the Cubs’ first two starts, and Ped Okerson hit his second homer in the spring.

Brett Anderson took one step,’s two shots on Milwaukee’s starting line-up, and osh osh Lindblom followed with two solid rebounds, three shots on target.

Brewery striker Luis Urias has a fracture and will not play in the next game.

“We will force him to run on the pitch, most likely to run, and then spend a day practicing drumming on the ground with the ball,” said manager Craig Commonsel. “It simply came to our notice then. I mean, right now we’re just going to make it day by day. ”

Urias hit 0.239 with 412 RBI 41 0.308 base points in 41 games last season, while playing mainly in the third base, but he was in the second base, in the short line. Breweries give him the opportunity to compete for the short start job this short spring.


Jose Oz Quintana flew to Los Angeles, hitting four of seven goals in two unrealistic new events.

Derek Rodriguez made three investments in the beginning of “Rocky”, yielding to two-run Adele.

ATHLETICS 1, MAR winners 1 (7)

Tony Kemp won the home race in Auckland.

Before the game, Seattle announced that one of the best prospects in baseball, striker Arred Kelenich, would be ruled out due to strained muscles in his left knee. No return was scheduled for his return.


Ronald Guzman had a one-on-one fight at home and Rugned Odor doubled the double for Texas.

Riz Ak Galen worked three strong tours in early Arizona, allowing kick-walking when he hit three. Ketel Marte doubled twice հեղինակ became the author of the run.


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