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Seattle Public Library reopens 3 branches; KCLS open branches expand to 11

The Seattle Public Library, which has been closed to sponsors for more than a year, announced Wednesday that three of its branches will reopen on April 27: Lake City, Southwest և Paros Hill.

The three buildings will be open at 25% capacity, from Tuesday to Saturday, from noon to 6 pm, with cleaning breaks throughout the day. Masked customers can log in to pick up books, check, use a computer or toilet, talk to a librarian, charge or sit down, or read. It is currently forbidden to inspect shelves, use meeting rooms or study rooms.

Under the system’s current policy of quarantining books, screening is now suspended, said Laura Gentry, interim director of SPL communications. “We do not reject the use of people who go to our collections, keep books, put them back,” he said, noting that currently returned books are quarantined within 48 hours. “It gives us a practical challenge. Which of those books was quarantined? ” he said. “And the more books we quarantine, the less we have to lend to our sponsors.” He added that the operating guidelines for the second phase of the Jay Insley Reopening Library program in the state recommend “as many communication services as possible.” The rule of thumb will not last forever, he said, “but that’s how we start.”

The first three locations of the reopening were selected taking into account the geography of the city, including the northern and southern areas of the city. Although he could not say which branches might be reopened next, or when, he said, the library is working on a roadmap, it will go the way margin services did. Curbstones, currently offered in 15 of the system’s 27 branches, began in August at several branches, with several branches being added each month.

“Part of it really is just about the health data, everything we feel safe to do,” he told Entry about the pace of reopening. According to him, the program is planned to be opened very carefully, following the guidelines of the 2nd phase (which limits 25%), although all the counties of the state are in the 3rd phase (which allows 50% capacity). That is, if a new wave of events occurs, և the county is scaled up to Phase 2, the library will not need to adjust its services, Gentry said.

At the same time, the King County Library System opened six branches with limited capacity in early March, adding five more this week: Enumclaw, Federal Way 320th, Snoqualmie, Vashon, and Woodinville. Properties vary by location. some offer only internal services (which includes screening), while others offer a hybrid of internal-external services. Most of the 50 KCLS locations currently only offer curb service. more places will gradually open throughout the spring.

Gentry said the SPL is due to open three branches by the end of April because “we feel a deep responsibility to be extra safe for our sponsors and extra safe for our staff.” After spending several months developing “safety programs for which we feel good” and reaching a time when library staff have the right to vaccinate, he felt well in late April. “Everyone’s schedule is a little different. “Everyone is in a different situation,” he said, comparing the SPL’s “KCLS reopened deadlines.” “It really is unprecedented.”



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