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Seahawks project by Tre Brown. Get to the corner of Oklahoma

2021 The Seahawks’ second pick in the tournament was a “small” versatile player, this time in defense.

In his fourth district election on Saturday, Seattle recruited Oklahoma defender Tre Brown, who was listed at 5 feet -9 և 188 pounds. He designed as a nickel, later in the Seahawks defense, he established himself in Oklahoma as one of the best players on the team special teams.

What to know about the latest Seahawk?

Name: Tre Brown:
College: Oklahoma
Height: 5-9
Weight: 188
Omet Residence: Tulsa, Okla.

it is considerably NF-2009 project analyst Lance ier Airline predicted Brown as the sixth-round pick in this year’s draft, citing Brown’s “crazy efforts” on special teams, which no doubt caught the Seahawks’ attention. 30 30-3 / 8-inch Hands և 9-1 / 2-inch Hands Brown has more nickel in the design in defense of Seattle. : Helped take Tulsa’s Union High to state championships as an adult.

Background. Brown made his debut in Oklahoma in October 2018, five days after the death of his mother, Beverly Brewer. “I could not do that,” Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said at the time, according to The Norman Transcript. “I mean, I do not know where he got the power. I know he got it from his teammates. The first time I talked to him after that incident, he was emotional, but he was ready to go back here with our boys. So it’s his release or it’s a way to avoid it… I know he played for him today. It was important to him. “

Brown has made 33 appearances for Shutter in his collegiate career. He announced the NFL draft in December, preferring to relinquish his last season in office. “Ever since I was a child, I dreamed not only of playing football in the OU, but also of playing and building a legacy,” Brown tweeted via The Oklahoman. “It’s been crazy for 4 years. “Losing my mother in 2018 was one of the hardest years for me, but it made me go harder.”

Fact. Following Oklahoma’s victory over Iowa in December, Brown was ruled out of the game.

Estimated “You know, he has sports pride. He does not believe that anyone can beat him. And I’m not saying he’s an arrogant man, but he walks on the football field like, “Hey Hey, wait a minute, man. “I’m a boy, not you.” He is one of those guys who, if beaten, looks at his shoes. – I could not be. That should have been my shoes. ” You know? And I like that in the corner window. ” – Former Seahawks coach M ora Mora Jr., through All Sooners, after Browning was spotted at Signor Bole



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