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Seahawks notes. Pete Carroll calls DK Metcalf’s 100m race “great” և “great”

DJ Metcalf’s decision to run the 100-meter dash a week ago could not only have prompted more players to test their skills, but also forced Seahawks coach Pete Carroll to compete with some of his grandchildren.

Carol said her family gathered around the iPad to watch Metcalf perform last Sunday at Mt. San Antonio College in Ulnut, California. Metcalf ran 10.37 seconds, which was 10.2 seconds needed to compete in the Olympics, but it was better than many expected at 6-4, 235 pounds, whose real job is to play football. և As a result of the event, he was ranked 17th to 15th.

But the Carroll family did not stop having fun when the race was over.

“My grandchildren and I were there for five minutes, putting up the cones. We’re racing on the highway, you know, just like DK,” Carroll told reporters Saturday through Zoom, following the Seahawks. in the region of the second newcomer mini camp.

While Metcalf’s participation in the event was not known until the week of the event, Carroll said that Metcalf “mentioned it to me a long time ago.”

Carol had zero reservations, calling it “a wonderful challenge.” A special person would even be required to think about doing so. “I just thought it was like a final opponent looking for a chance at war.”

According to Carroll, it is clear that it is not a bad thing if Metcalfe works on his speed throughout the off-season, and there is never a question of agreeing on his commitment.

“He could not do more than work on his speed than what he just did,” Carroll said.

Predictably, Carroll was impressed by Metcalfe’s time, saying that she looked “wonderful” and “wonderful”.

He was impressed by Metcalf’s subsequent interview, in which Metcalf acknowledged that there was a difference between “football speed” and track speed.

“His vision is to see the challenge, to pursue it, then to pull it off, and then to be very humble and respectful of it,” Carroll said. “I was really proud of him.”

He was concerned about Seattle’s first election in 2021. In the project, the recipient is D’Wayne Eskridge, who has a long way to go.

“He is going to create a trend for NFL players to come,” said Esridge. “I hope that in the future I will be able to follow in his footsteps, I will be able to go out there and do something like he did.”

Seahawks will train with young people while welcoming veterans

The Seahawks schedule following the newcomer mini-camp is clear. On Monday, the Seahawks will enter the second phase of their off-season program, which will include virtual meetings with coaches with coaching permits that are allowed, albeit without contact, at a “coaching” pace.

The third և final phase of the program starts on May 24 and includes 10 schedule OTAs or Organized Team Activities, full team trainings that can be done at full speed but without contact, և ends with a three-day mini-camp.

It is less clear who will all participate.

Only the minicamp is scheduled for June 15-17, և Seahawks is among 21 teams whose veterans have issued a statement through the NFLPA stating that they do not intend to participate in voluntary training due to ongoing concerns. because: more than COVID-19.

Over the weekend, ESPN reported that some teams are discussing changes to the program schedule to try to address player concerns, some may cancel the minicamp, and others are delaying the schedule.

Carroll was somewhat uncertain about how the next few weeks would develop for the Seahawks, but said: “We talk to our boys about what our options are.”

For next week, Carroll said she expects 31 new players who have visited the rookie mini-camp to train in the second round, as well as “anyone who wants to go out and participate.”

Carroll said that all veterans attend the meetings every day during the first phase of the program, and that those meetings will continue, even if the players do not attend voluntary field training.

“We are doing great,” Carroll said of the veterans’ participation in the virtual meetings.

Carroll noted that the team explained to the veterans that they were free to come to the facility to train, calling it the VMAC “open gym” that veterans could use whenever they wanted, regardless of whether they were training.

Carroll said she was not worried about the players saying no to their condition, saying “everyone works (whether at VMAC or elsewhere).” We are making good progress. “

But Carroll also expressed hope that some of those involved might change their minds, as things continue to evolve as a result of COVID-19 restrictions և vaccinating players և others.

“We’ll see what happens when we move forward,” Carroll said.

More Carol’s praise for Darrell Taylor

Among the newcomers this weekend was Darel Taylor, a 2020 runner-up who missed training last week but saw no action during the week դեռ while still recovering from injury recovery in the 2019 season in Tennessee. ,

Taylor works both hard and at the end of the rush և Depending on his progress, he can take on KJ Wright as the team’s main strong midfielder this season.

The fact that Taylor struggled with his health problems last year marked the fact that he was able to participate in everything on Saturday after doing so on Friday.

And after Saturday’s training session, Carroll has said that Taylor is as good a fit to play in the SLB position as he was at the defensive end, which was on his roster last season.

“Just in the first few days, Darrell has a very important role to play,” Carroll said. “I know that leaving the pitch today (defensive coach Clint Hurt) was really sacked, giving him the opportunity to work on urgent training for everyone. We didn’t really see her much, we got a week և we just kind of got a baby during her first week when we got her out of here, so this is our first couple practice. It is really possible for the scheme. She has a make-up that suits her well, so right now she’s going to get a kick out of it to show us what she can do there. ”

Recipients: Onson, Terry sit outside

All but two of the 31 players in the original mini-camp seemed to be training all Saturday.

The losers were Cade John Onson and Tamorion Terry, each with no free agents, each present but watching from the sidelines. John Onson is from South Dakota and Terry is from Florida.

Carroll said John Onson was dealing with a groin problem, which he said did not seem serious, that Terry had a small thigh point when he hit the ground hard during training on Friday, and the team decided to let him go on Saturday.


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