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Save at the store

How do you spend the right amount of money on food?

According to an online survey of more than 1,000 people conducted by LendingTree and Qualtrics in October, weekly household food bills in the United States increased by an average of 17 percent last year compared to epidemics. Thirty-one percent of respondents said they “almost always spend extra” on groceries.

No matter how big or small your food budget is, staying in it can be easy: keeping your overall expenses on track. Whether you want to start a food budget for the first time or you want to get back to someone, here are some strategies to save money in the kitchen: grocery store.

Cooking should not mean hovering over the stove for hours or complicated meal plans. In cooking, add garlic to the oil, then add the canned tomatoes instead of opening the jar with the pasta sauce. In addition to saving money, you will also have more control over your health. Meat և dairy products are expensive, so plan more meals that use not spicy but flavors, enjoy more vegetables և fruits with their very affordable eggs, պահ keep meals simple so you don’t get burned by cooking.

Consider inexpensive staples such as rice, pasta, oats, bread, canned և dried beans, canned tomatoes և eggs. How do they already play a role in your daily life? Then think about what you can easily get. You need to find a solid Venn diagram that reveals the foods you can cook more often. begin to complete the basics that lay the groundwork for them. (The brand or cheaper version of these staples can be found by looking at the bottom or top of the store shelves. See what savings you find.) As soon as it gets more comfortable, do it later. If you usually enjoy a lamb-sausage rice dish, can you try half a bean-sausage this week? Cheap staples are a starting point, not a cage.

If you start eating less meat and dairy products, rely on vegetables and fruits to add flavor. It may seem expensive or labor intensive to eat more, but it is not certain. Canned և frozen fruits and vegetables do not have to be of lower quality. Canned pumpkin is refined և ready to make silk soup at half the cost of fresh pumpkin և effort. Frozen fruits and vegetables are often already chopped without the markings you see on pre-cut fresh versions.

And no matter how careful you plan your meal plan, you will have times when something you bought with the best intentions has passed its peak time. Find a recipe that encourages you to throw something in it, such as soup, stew or fry. Think of residues հիմնական past commodities as active rather than as cargo.

You can save money by eating fewer meals a week, but if you stick to a variety of things, they will not be the same. Discard disposable items if they are not suitable for you (keep the dressing warm). The cake mix is ​​limited, it has a higher price, while flour, sugar and soda have unlimited possibilities. Single yogurts are more expensive և they can be eaten only as they are, while plain yogurt can be eaten for breakfast with honey rolls, sauce, baked in a tea cake or added to smoothies.

When shopping for food, stay tuned for seasonal changes, creating natural variety and activity at no extra cost. Fruits and vegetables are usually less expensive in seasonal conditions. Think of four summer prices for a grain of corn. If you have the time and space, freeze it or you can give it away. But do not think that you have to plan hundreds of new menus every time the wind changes. Let the seasons be an inspiration, not a burden.

If you make snacks with or without food, keep in mind that packaged snacks are becoming more expensive. This also applies to beverages. Restricting prepared snacks and drinks can be one of the fastest ways to get a grocery bill that allows you to breathe easily. If you need a guide to break it down, think about your fun-versatility ratio. Kombucha is not very versatile, but it can be your only way to spend a long afternoon. Plan around it if you can.

For some, the fun of saving money is enough; Lack of anxiety motivates you to keep going. Food is a pleasure և connection for many of us. So do not enjoy the budget beyond the picture. If you drank dessert with a friend on Friday night երեկ a glass of wine, think about an inexpensive substitute, such as a piece of chocolate և a cup of chamomile tea.

Lean Brown He is the author of the book “Good ժ Cheap և Good” (January 2022).


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