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San Marino finally gets the vaccine, but goes with Sputnik V.

ROME (AP) – The Republic of San Marino may finally launch its coronavirus vaccine engine after the first shots were fired on Tuesday. But the city-state surrounded by Italy had to turn to its “Plan B” to buy Sputnik V clasps from Russia after being delayed from receiving EU-approved quotas from Italy.

The pink-yellow truck, accompanied by police cars, brought the first 7,500 sputnik V vaccines to San Marino and delivered them to the main hospital. The officials said that the doses produced in Russia will eventually be enough to vaccinate about 158% of the population of the micro-region, about 33,800 people.

San Marino bought the footage of Sputnik V at the last minute after Italy agreed to send some of the vaccines received through the EU vaccine procurement system. San Marino, located on the Adriatic coast near Rimini, is not a member of the EU and was excluded from the deal, according to which the alliance of 27 countries negotiated with pharmaceutical companies.

San Marino Secretary of State Luca Bekkari told a news conference last weekend that negotiations with Italy had taken a long time and that an agreement signed on January 11 should give San Marino one dose for every 1,700 that Italy receives from the EU.

However, the deal came to a standstill as Italy այլ other EU countries faced delays in the delivery of three EU-approved vaccines: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna և AstraZeneca. Italy has delivered about 3.7 million doses.

“Unfortunately, the time required to establish these procedures, the fact that San Marino is a country that has not yet begun its vaccination campaign, has forced us to look for alternatives,” Beckhari said, explaining the Sputnik acquisition.

“As for all other countries, it is necessary to start the vaccination campaign as soon as possible to ensure the safety of its citizens,” he said.

According to the European Medicines Agency, the developers of Sputnik V have recently asked for advice on what data is required for vaccine licensing throughout the European Union. Hungarian health authorities have approved both Sputnik V and a vaccine developed by the Chinese state-owned company Sinopharm.

San Marino had a proportionately devastating outbreak, confirmed by 3,538 COVID-19 cases and 73 deaths.

San Marino Secretary of Health Roberto Siavata said Sputnik V was safe and effective.

“It’s not that it has not been controlled. On the contrary, according to all available research and data, it is a vaccine that is already being implemented in 30 countries, with which about 70 million people have been vaccinated. “It has very high security standards,” he said.



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