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Russell Wilson, Seyhawks must put aside their feelings before making choices that will not be good for anyone

Pride is in the air.

That’s what comes to my mind when I hear about Russell Wilson in Seattle. That’s what comes to mind when I read reports that the front office is picking up calls about a possible trade. That’s the word that seems to depend on this increasingly tense off-season debacle.

Pride And everyone has to take it out of the equation.

Pragmatism, not emotions, is what will determine Wilson’s future in Seattle. The prospect of success, not the self, is what the next few years will dictate.

Unfortunately, the latter is everywhere in professional sports, where proving the wrongdoing of suspects is often the ultimate motive. So what will win the day in this situation?

It is easy to see why pride affects Wilson. It has been six seasons since the man last reached the NFC Championship. And in the first three years of his career, during which the Seahawks won two Super Bowls and won one, Seattle was considered the first defensive manager.

People around him knew how valuable Wilson was in the crime of reading, but since Seyhawks unofficially became his team, the post-season success simply did not happen. It eats from a man’s pride.

In addition, the team’s offensive vision seems to interfere with it. Coach Pete Carroll made this clear at his last press conference last season. After Wilson moved from 11 to 11 for the Rams in the playoffs, Carroll said, “We need to drive the ball more,” moving on. Add to that Wilson’s frustration with not having more to say about the crime, which reportedly pushed him out of the mid-season, and you could see why his emotions were fading.

Of course, it is easy to see why pride can influence the views of Carroll Շ general manager Schon Schneider. First, Wilson openly exploded his lack of passage protection over the years. This was not only a disgrace to the offensive line staff with whom he could have a locker room next year, but also a fire on Carol և Schneider’s ability to form.

It was not completely unfounded. Although the Seahawks have been making line drawings every year since 2013, including first-round pick Germain Ifedi and second-round pick Ethan Pocic, Seattle has consistently been ranked in the Pro Football Focus OL rankings. But for Wilson to say so clearly, he had to hurt the head coach, the grandmaster.

Besides, there is probably a part of Carroll who thinks, “Does our QB want to leave?” Well, let’s show that we can win without him. ” It’s not that he just inherited the talent of the consensus blue chips over the years. From Richard Sherman to Or Chancellor, K.J. From Wright to Michael Bennett, Carroll is steadily transforming third-day conscripts or undocumented free agents into stars of her defense. Schneider managed to do something few could play in the NFL to send the team back to the playoffs, despite the referee getting rich.

The idea of ​​rebuilding something with a new foothold is probably intriguing, especially when that foothold has clearly leaked its misfortune.

But such a thought must be resisted. Just as Wilson had to resist his desire to play elsewhere.

From his point of view, he has the phenomenon of the receptive DK Metcalf, which, if concentrated, can spin in the Hall of Fame. Overall in his sophomore year, Metcalf broke into Steve Largent’s Seahawks record-breaking yards,, and his chemistry with Wilson is palpable.

Wilson watched the defensive boom take effect in the second half of last season, considering that moving back to the Seahawks (Wilson’s 10 winners eight seasons in nine years) seems risky.

As for Carolyn և Schneider, they must also face the whispers of pride. Wilson may not have won an MVP in Seattle, but for the past six years, his name always seems to be on the podium. This is a league of bastions, գտնել It is far-sighted to find anyone as talented as Russell. If the Seahawks want to return to the Super Bowl in the next few years, having number 3 is a must.

Athletes, coaches և managers seem to regularly take advice from other athletes. Maybe this Seahawks trio should look at the poker world right now.

Yes, there are a lot of emotions in that game as well. But the key to success there is to let go of emotions.


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