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Royals comments in the Commonwealth raise the issue of race

Cape Town, South Africa (AP) – In countries with historical ties to Britain, Prince Harry և Megan’s accusations that an anonymous member of the royal family “fears” how dark the skin of their unborn child may be has been raised. Do these nations really want to be so closely associated with Britain և its royal family?

It was expected that the interview would reveal more cracks in the royal family. Now it seems that there is a risk of splitting the “family” of the Commonwealth. A union of 54 countries, most of which were former British colonies with historical ties. For decades, Queen Elizabeth II has been the driving force behind the Commonwealth.

After a televised interview in the United States on the eve of the Commonwealth Day, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull cited this as another reason for the country to sever constitutional ties with the British monarchy.

“After the end of the Queen’s reign, it is time for us to say: “Well, we crossed that watershed,” Turnbull told Australian Broadcasting Corp. “Do we really want to have whoever happens to be the head of state, the king or queen of Great Britain, automatically the head of our state?”

The value of the Commonwealth has been debated in the past, with critics questioning whether countries – people who once colonized or even oppressed – should remain in such an association with the former colonizer. Its stated purpose is to improve international relations, but Britain’s relations with its members have been marred by diplomatic misdeeds due to the empire’s legacy. Speaking at the Commonwealth Day on Monday, the Queen spoke of a “spirit of unity”.

Formerly charismatic princes like Harry և Megan, there were formerly organized partnerships with young people, companies and volunteer groups.

But this week, their interview “opens our eyes more” to the merits of the partnership, writes Nicolas Sengoba, a columnist for a newspaper in the former Ugandan colony.

He cited “unresolved issues” in his country over the abuse of the colony, and asked whether the Commonwealth leaders should still be “proud to dine with members of the British royal family” given the allegations.

In an interview, Megan, who is bisexual, said that an unknown member of the royal family had “concerns” with Harry about the color of his child when he was pregnant with his son Archie, that the palace could not help him. when he had suicidal thoughts. Buckingham Palace said on Tuesday that Harry և Megan’s allegations of racism were “worrying” and that the royal family would respond.

The response to the interview was particularly strong in Africa. It was summed up by a Twitter user in South Africa who wrote: “It’s Britain և the royal family. What were you waiting for? “They have been oppressing us for years.”

In 2019, Megan and Harry traveled to South Africa, where it became clear that their imminent separation from the royal family, they even talked about the possibility of living there.

Mohamed Groenewald, who was showing them at the Cape Town mosque, was still digesting the interview, which was shown only in South Africa on Monday. But he said that more than anything else, it evoked memories of “British colonial racism.”

“It turns out very simple,” he said.

In Kenya, a former colony visited by a young princess, Elizabeth, in 1952, when news of her father’s death that she would become queen began to be reported in the country’s newspapers.

“We are very angry when our African sister is being persecuted because she is black,” said Nairobi resident Sylvia Wangari, referring to Megan. He added that the Kenyans “did not show any racism to Elizabeth in 1952, she remained here without us discriminating against her.”

The Prime Minister of Canada Just Astin Trudeau declined to comment on the interview. He said many institutions in Canada were built around colonialism’s systematic racism, including parliament, and said the answer was to listen to Canadians who are discriminated against in order for institutions to be established.

“The answer is not for all the institutions to suddenly leave and start again,” Trudeau said.

“I wish all the best to all the members of the royal family, but my focus is on overcoming this epidemic. “If people want to talk about constitutional changes in the future, about changing our system of government, that’s fine. They can have those conversations, but now I do not have those conversations.”

Agmet Singh, leader of the opposition New Democratic Party, said the monarchy was “in no way beneficial to Canadians in terms of their daily lives.”

“And with the systematic racism we have seen, it seems that it is also in that institution,” he said.

The interview was not televised in India, the most populous country of the Commonwealth – 1.3 billion people, but it was still covered by the media and received negative public reactions to the royal government.

“Behind all that elegant forehead are thoughts that are not so elegant.” said fashion writer Minakshi Singh.

Lawyer Sunaina Fulle said the Partnership was “certainly important for the royal family, as it shows that they ruled many places.” I do not know why we are still a part of it. “

Protests against Megan և Harry’s racism show that it is time for his country to end its relationship with the royal family. This was said by a retired professor from Kingston, USA.

“What it meant to us was that we should jump up and get rid of the Queen as head of state,” said Caroline Cooper. “It is a prestigious institution. It is responsible for enslaving millions of us who have come here to work on plantations. It’s part of the whole legacy of the colony, we’s got to get rid of it. ”


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