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Ronaldo’s hat-trick takes him to the “top of the world”

CALIARI, Sardinia (AP) – Cristiano Ronaldo was named the top scorer in the world after scoring a hat-trick on Sunday, with Brazilian footballer Pelé congratulating the Juventus striker on surpassing his official goals.

Ronaldo, 36, scored a hat-trick for Juventus in Serie A against Cagliari3. Victory by 1 point, scoring 770 career goals against the club և country.

“There is no player in the world who is not brought up to hear stories about him (Pele)’s games, his goals, his achievements, I am no exception,” Ronaldo wrote in a long post on Instagram.

“And that’s why I’m filled with joy and pride as I embrace the goal of leading the world to the top of Pele ‘s record, something I could never have dreamed of growing up in Madeira. »

Ronaldo has scored 668 club goals, five for Sporting Lisbon, 118 for Manchester United, 450 for Real Madrid and 95 for Juventus. He also scored 102 goals for the Portuguese national team.

Three-time World Cup winner Pelé has officially scored 767 goals in his career, despite claiming to have scored more than 1,000, including unofficial matches.

“I admire you very much, I love watching your game, և it’s no secret,” Pelé wrote in an Instagram post, which included a photo of the couple taken together. “Congratulations on breaking the record for goals in official games.

“My only regret is that I could not hug you today. But I leave this photo in your honor with great love, as a symbol of friendship that has existed for many years. “

Former Brazilian striker Romario also claims to have scored 1000 career goals, including unofficial matches. Some sources put Joseph Bican ahead of everyone else.

The Czech national football team claims that Bican is the leading scorer of official games – 821 goals.


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