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Riders wait for Kyle Lewis’s Domingo Tapia’s health status before opening day registration

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PEORIA, Ariza – After 26 games in 26 days, the Marines rested.

The “In Riders” had the first of the two scheduled vacation days on March 1, their schedule of the “Cadrus” league, one day after the game against “Padres”. The second of the scheduled working days came on Sunday, the last game of the Cactus League schedule – usually a throw-in game where the starters barely play.

When Mariners manager Scott Service wanted to make sure the players had a full break from training, he would train his coaching staff for a day at the golf course, and on Saturday he met 26 players competing for the final places of the opening day. list, informing them of the organization’s decision.

Servais announced some of the decisions in an in-game interview with ROOT Sports on Saturday night, sharing the news in a post-match video with local media, particularly how emotional Taylor Tramel was when she learned she would find the opening day list. ,

During their meeting, Service asked him: “What do you think if you were in our starting lineup on the opening night?”

“His mask was on, we were at a social distance, so I said, ‘You can take off the mask,'” Servis said. “It was a big smile on his face. He actually tore. That’s a lot for these young kids. “They’ve thought about it all their lives, but what do they live for? What do they live for their families to get to that point?”

The service also confirmed that right-hander Just Astin Dunn defeated left-back Nick Margevicius in sixth place. Margichus will come out on the field. A few weeks ago, Servais seemed resilient to Margevicius or Dan taking on the role of helper. But he has no final say in the list. And the delayed start of the Triple-A season is another deciding factor.

“First of all, it’s another left-hander on your left edge. I like that Marge is stretched,” said Service. “He can kick you out of the shower a few times. I think you need one of those guys downstairs with six people in the bar that you have one less boy to play with, so if the start give you a short walk, Marge can come up with that ball game խաղ close the gap, or she can finish the games by giving you expanded innovations. ”

Servais also said the team was created by right-winger Will West, who was the Navy Rule 5’s choice in December. As a rule, selection of 5, West should remain on the active roster throughout the season. If he is fired, he should be offered a return to his previous team, the Detroit Tigers.

But does that mean the list is complete? Not so much.

The status of center-back Kyle Lewis leaves the application list unfinished. Lewis was diagnosed with a bruise on the outside of his right knee after he crashed into a wall in a game against the Dodgers on Monday.

At first, the sailors thought it was just a small contusion that Lewis would miss a day or two. But the inflammation and anxiety are still there, not diminishing as expected.

Since Lewis is not expected on Monday, this calls into question his availability on the opening day. Even if the knee turns, Lewis will only be ready on Wednesday. It would be nine days without real repetitions of the game.

“We’ll see how Step goes,” said Service. “I really hope he can be available for us on the opening night. But if he is not, we will adapt. We have to play a long game on this. I know we are all excited about the opening night of April 1, what it means for our team, but after that we have 161 games left. So just trying to jump back overnight, we’re not going to do that. “

Riders can try to wait a few days out of season to see if Luis can avoid the injury list. The team can postpone the standard injured list for up to three days, as Luis will not play in the Cactus League games.

If Lewis is on the injured list, it is likely that Fral will likely top the list, with Trammell at center-back and Frail և Jose Marmolekhos on the left side with utility player Sam Hagerty, who will be able to intervene if necessary.

Servais also did not finish last in the bullfight. Giving Westin ին Margieևius seats, they join closer to Rafael Montero, veteran right-winger Kendall Grayman և Canaan Middleton.

It leaves two spots with three reliefs left. Right-back Casey Sadler seems to have a closed spot as he is out of the league with little to do, և if he did not form a team he should have been appointed.

That leaves right-wing entrepreneur Drew Steckenrider and Domingo Tapia, who are fighting for the last place. Tapia suffered a mild tilt in the camp early on, but had a live diving practice two days ago; he looked impressive with his sinking fast ball, sitting at a distance of 96-99 miles per hour. He can be selected on an alternative training site or start the season on the injury list.

Steckenrider, who briefly served as the Marlins closer to 2018, before the gun issue sidelined his career, is not an invitation և should be added to the 40-man roster. The riders will be able to create an open space by placing a soothing Ken Iles on the 60-day-old injured as he recovers from Tommy John’s surgery և will not be out on the pitch this season.

“Domingo will go with us to Seattle,” said Service. “It is not necessary to make any of these final registration decisions before the opening day. “Now that there are guys on the alternative site, if they do not make it to our list, they are slipping over the alternative site, and at some point they are going to help us.”

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