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Reports. The Kuomo family received a small number of ANCA tests

ALBANIA, NEW YORK (AP) – Relatives of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and others linked to him gained special access to coronavirus tests a year ago when testing was scarce, according to newspaper reports.

According to the Albanian Times Union, Cuomo’s family members, including his brother, CNN reporter Chris Cuomo, and his mother and at least one of his sisters were tested by senior health officials.

The test of people with close ties to the Democratic governor was conducted by high-ranking health officials, according to The New York Times. It mainly happened in the first days of the epidemic, in March 2020.

Newspapers refer to many people who know about testing directly but have not found it.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azopardi did not explicitly deny that the administration had a special attitude towards people close to the governor, but tried to challenge the idea.

“In the early days of this epidemic, when a lot of attention was paid to the search for communication, we went upstairs for people to experiment,” Azopardi told newspapers, adding that the effort included “in some cases going to people’s homes, through doors.” Doors to places like New Rochelle to take samples from those who have allegedly undergone Covid to find out. ”և to prevent others from getting sick.

Chris Cuomo was diagnosed with COVID-19 2020. Late March. The CNN anchor was hit by a senior State Department doctor who visited his Hamptons home to collect samples from him and his family. who did not identify them.

In a late statement Wednesday, CNN spokesman Matt Dornich said: “In general, we do not interfere in the medical decisions of our employees. Not surprisingly, however, in the earliest days of the global epidemic of a century, when Chris was showing symptoms, worrying about a possible spread, he turned to anyone who could ask for help, just like anyone. I would like to. “

The same doctor who tested Chris Cuomo, Eleanor Adams, now the chief adviser to the state health commissioner, was also drafted to examine other members of the Cuomo family. Two people familiar with the program told The Washington Post.

People say that the coronavirus test samples were rushed to the Wadsworth Center of the Albany State Health Laboratory, where they were processed immediately.

Rumors of a pilot program come as the third-term governor fights controversy on many fronts, including the state attorney general’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations denied by Cuomo and the state’s federal investigation into COVID-19 reporting in nursing homes.



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