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Report introduction. Extreme right-wing incidents are on the rise in the German army

BERLIN (AP) – The number of far-right incidents in the German armed forces rose to 477 last year, from 363 in 2019, the parliament’s military affairs commissioner said on Tuesday.

Presenting her annual report, Eva Hoagle stressed that “soldiers are not in general doubt, the vast majority do responsible work every day.”

But he said the number of incidents involving far-right extremists was a matter of concern, showing that “there is a lot to do”.

“There is no room for extreme right-wing extremism in the army,” Hoagl wrote in the report. “We need investigations, sanctions, prevention – consistent, complete, fast-paced.”

Hoagle demanded that more staff be hired to expedite the investigation.

The news comes amid growing concerns that Germany has not made enough effort to defeat the far-right extremism of its Bundeswehr army at all. In recent years, the country’s special forces, the KSC, have come under special scrutiny after numerous allegations of far-right extremism.

As a result of far-right scandals involving special forces, the Minister of Defense disbanded one of the CSC units in July, promising to further investigate the extremism and implement reforms.

The rise of far-right extremism in the military reflects the growing number of anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant or homophobic attacks in Germany.

In 2020, 183,777 soldiers served in the German army, of which 23,066 are women.


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