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Reasons for Hope պատճառ Reasons to tread for Mariners fans before the 2021 season

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PEORIA, Ariza. – Over the past 20 years, the Marines have found a way to turn the most violent optimists into cynics, finding ways to dismantle the remnants of logic left by realists and pragmatists.

But a few years later, they managed to instill enough hope for better days, better games, unrealistic or not, in the minds of the fateful participants, who believe that they are happy for the equivalent of 5 interstate baseball trips.

In the guides will take you from both sides. They were able to crush your hopes and dreams in one season, then give you all the passions to revive those feelings, promising to leave only you unsatisfied or unsatisfied.

Here are some thoughts on this season that support both optimists and cynics.

Three reasons to hope

Healthy Haniger / Vive La France:

Based on the low bar set last season, yes, it was only a sample size of 60 games, the Mariners’ offense should have been better in 2021.

In 2020, Seattle was close to the bottom of the MLB in major offensive categories, including:

  • 4.23 runs per game (22:the second)
  • .225 battery average (24:t:)
  • .309 base percentage (26:t:)
  • .370 folding percentage (28:t:)
  • 60 homers (25:t:)

The return of the healthy Mitch Haniger և The presence of Ty France for an entire season will significantly increase the squad, which was heavily dependent on Kyle Seager և Kyle Lewis to run.

Field was not a large production position, winning 0.7 victories over substitution. Philip Erwin, from the dismissal claim, started the most in the right field (14), producing a .211 / .318 / .289 cutting line with three doubles, four RBIs, six walks և 14 strokes with 44 boards.

After three surgeries in 2020, Hanniger looked healthy. The hope is that he will get at least 130 games in a row, on the right field or with a designated striker.

Point DH, which featured Daniel Fogelbach և Utility player Tim Lopez, each starting with 17 games, produced a .224 / .298 / .388 cut line: nine doubles, triples, eight homers ոմ 28 RBI in 60 games. And this is the case when France places the .400 / .447 / .629 line in three starts of three doubles, triples, seven RBIs with և 38 plates.

The children are coming

At some point, perhaps until May 1, striker Jared Kelenich will be called up to play on the left field on a daily basis. It became so obvious this spring. The Mariners’ best field of 2021 is Kelenich on the left, Kyle Lewis in the center and Hanniger on the right. Fans may have to wait a while to see it steadily.

At the same time, Logan Gilbert, a high-profile prospect, is likely to make his debut in July, bringing another power rotation.

In addition, at some point the slugging catcher Cal Raleigh will become his newcomer to MLB. Switch Raleigh does not have the ads of Kelenic, Gilbert և Julio Rodriguez, but he is just as valuable for sailor reconstruction projects. And can Rodriguez somehow find his way to the big leagues this season?

It is a 162-game season

After COVID-19 ended its baseball, a heated argument between the players’ owners over how to restart the season led to a short 60-game regular season without fans, which can best be described as “better than nothing”. But it was detrimental to the development of players like Lewis, Evan White, Sed Long Jr., Just Astus Sheffield, Just Astin Dunn and ey Oi Gerber.

They are expected to spend the entire season with the fans in the stands as the distribution of vaccines increases. How this young kernel runs an entire season at MLB level will be a big factor in assessing the success schedule for this remake.

Three reasons to slaughter

Not another bad bull

Aside from Rafael Montero’s invulnerable behavior, his relentless efficiency, and the enhanced stuff of former starter Kendall Gravman, there are more than a few reasons to wonder if the bull that was Jerry Dipoto’s center of development could still be a problem. , The other significant off-season addition, right-winger Kane Middleton, has had some messy results this spring. His quick ball seemed to hit straight, so he allowed five home runs in eight innings in the spring.

Beyond those three established jars, there are many weapons that have power items but minimal success records. Until right-wing Drew Steckenrider executes the first bull, the rest of the weapon will be last year’s wheat pitchers, which by many means were considered the worst in the American League. The bull is unlikely to be as bad as last year, but would it be much better?

Baseball is happening, the reconstruction is going on

And what if Hanniger is really good for the first three months? What if Pax Paxton dominated his first 12 starts, like the Big Maple of 2017? An entity known as a trader ry tries to capitalize on their value.

What if the sailors somehow challenge the July 31 trading deadline? How can they look at the success of the next season when the current season is not lost?

Injuries can shatter the hopes and dreams of teams and fans. The Hangers and Paxton were harmed by them. The riders received bad news with Andres Munoz, a heavy thrower who suffered a setback after Tommy John’s surgery, delaying his return to the big leagues.

It is a 162-game season

More games do not always mean more success. It can also mean revealing your weaknesses. The young players of “Mariners” have to adapt to the league settings. The ridiculous idea is that all these young players will have success throughout an season. There will be failure և disappointment to compensate for success և triumph.

The beauty of the MLB marathon season is that the և number of games does not allow for a small sample size bias. The whole season, in addition to statistics, will provide enough information to know where the player is in his development, to provide a realistic measure of his potential. In previous years, this was not a good thing for the Marines.

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