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Re returns. Cuomo vaccine tsarist loyalty calls are a cause for concern

New York (AP) – A longtime adviser to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who heads the state’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution, is urging county leaders to assess their commitment to the Democratic governor in the wake of a sexual harassment investigation, according to The Washington Post. and The New York Times.

Larry Schwartz, a Tsar vaccine executive, was so disturbed by a call from an unpublished Democratic Democratic executive that the executive sent a notice of imminent ethics to the Attorney General’s Office on Friday, the newspaper reported.

The executive feared that the supply of vaccines in the county could suffer if the executive did not mention its support for Kuomo, reports the Post.

From 2011 to 2015, Schwartz served as secretary to the governor, since then advising Cuomo. He returned last spring to help the administration respond to the coronavirus epidemic.

Schwartz, who volunteers to distribute the vaccines in New York, admitted to calling county officials but told the Post that he had not discussed the vaccines in conversation.

“I did nothing wrong,” Schwartz told the paper. “I have always acted in accordance with the norms of high ethics.”

But phone calls can raise questions about policy interference with the state coronavirus response.

“People do not see the governor’s bell ringing when one wears one hat and then another,” Arthur Kaplan, director of medical ethics at NYU Grossman Medical School, told the Post. “If you control the potential supply of rescue resources like vaccines, you have a huge indirect effect on asking for political allegiance.”

Cuomo is accused of sexually assaulting or mistreating six women, including several former employees. He denied that the woman had touched him inappropriately.

The three-year-old governor turned down calls from Democrats, including two New York U.S. senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Illibrand, to resign, and urged New Yorkers to wait for the outcome of an investigation led by Attorney General Leticia James.

Schwartz told the Post that his calls for political support for Cuomo differed from his role in the vaccine.

“I spoke to the heads of a number of counties in the state to find out if they maintained their public position that the Attorney General was continuing the investigation, that we should wait for the findings before making any conclusions. “, – he wrote.

Acting Adviser to the Governor Beth Garvin said in an e-mail to The Associated Press on Sunday through Cuomo’s spokesperson that any allegation that Schwartz “acted unethically or otherwise in the best interests of the people of New York was selfless.” The serving is fake. ”

“Larry has responded to our call to volunteer in March. Since then, he has worked day and night to help New York through this epidemic, first managing the power of the wave, acquiring supplies for the state, building communication efforts, and now supporting vaccine distribution.” , – it is said in the announcement.



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