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Rangers player claims that Czech opponent is “vile racist abuse”

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GLASGOV, Scotland (AP) – Rangers midfielder Glenn Kamara has accused Slavic’s Prague rival of “premeditated” racial abuse, calling defender Ondez Codella’s refusal an “extreme lie”.

Kamara issued a statement late Friday night after UEFA announced it would investigate incidents during Thursday’s Europa League match between Rangers and Slavia. The Czech team wants the Scottish police to investigate the post-match physical attack on Kodella.

Slavia 2: After the 0-0 victory, Kedela covered his mouth with both hands ասաց said something to Kamara’s ear during the pause.

Kamaran, who is black, said it was racist language that could be heard by a close playmate. Kodela admitted that he cursed the 25-year-old Finnish football player, but denied any racial violence.

“I was shocked and horrified to hear of such racist violence from a professional footballer,” Kamara said in a statement issued by her lawyer.

“The racist abuses committed by Ondezh (Codela) took place on the international stage, and UEFA’s failure to take any action will be seen as a green light for racism,” he said.

Kedela was arguing with another Rangers player when Kamara said he had tried to intervene.

Kamaran said. “He told me to shut up, then he said ‘my friend for a second,'” before approaching, as if uttering a racist remark. He described Codella’s actions as “deliberate”.

Slavia denied the allegations, claiming that Kamara punched 33-year-old Kodella after the match, as the Czech team was “banned from entering the locker room” at Ibrox Stadium.

“Slavia strongly rejects the disgusting accusation of one of the team captains, Ondej Kodela, of racist behavior,” the team said in a statement on Friday.

Codela, who is white, only admits to cursing Kamara.

“It was said with emotion, but I absolutely deny that there was anything racist in those words,” Kodela said as part of the team’s statement.

According to Kamara, Cadela’s explanation is “a complete lie that can not be controlled by any horse.”

Czech team 3: Leading by 1 point in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, will compete with Arsenal.

Slavia said she had been prosecuted by Scottish police for physically assaulting Kodella, although no Rangers players were found.

“The attack was brutal; it was done with all our might, with the intention of harming our player, of inflicting physical damage,” the team said late Friday night.

UEFA launched an investigation on Friday, appointing a disciplinary inspector to gather evidence after it said earlier that it was awaiting reports from match officials.

“Additional information on this investigation will be made available in due course,” UEFA said in a statement.


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