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Rangers fans say they dispersed amid Scottish title party

GLASGOU, Scotland (AP) – Police urged thousands of Rangers fans to disperse ahead of Glasgow, who won their last Scottish Championship trophy on Saturday.

The fans started the blue-red flare when the team bus arrived at Ibrox Stadium, where the Rangers were to receive their cup to end the unbeaten season after beating Aberdeen 4-0.

“Gathering supporters must disperse, take personal responsibility, use Glasgow safely and respectfully,” Glasgow police said on Twitter.

The current coronavirus rules for Glasgow allow people to meet outside in groups of up to six.

Rangers fans ignored the COVID-19 block in March, when the team won its 55th domestic title, knocking down Glasgow rivals Celtic.

Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Youssef also urged supporters to disperse.

“This is the key point. “Take personal responsibility,” he said on Twitter. “Although Ibrox has a significant police presence throughout the city, it is ultimately a matter of personal responsibility. “If you have gathered, you must disperse, especially in light of (yesterday) the announcement of Covide in Glasgow.”

One of the fans of the team planned a post-match march from the stadium to George Lay Square.


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