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Rangers Bush soon recovered from elbow surgery

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) – Texas Rangers comforter Matt Bush topped the 10-day injury list on Friday with a right elbow injury, a difficult move for a heavy-duty pitcher, with just three games to go, missing 2 1/1. 2 seasons. due to two elbow surgeries.

Governor Chris Woodward said Bush’s hand simply did not feel well, although there was no full assessment to determine the extent of the problem.

“Putting an IL on him just protects him. “If there is nothing there, it is not a big problem, then in 10 days he will be fine,” said Woodward. “But we just want to make sure, because his hand does not feel so good.”

The Rangers have named veteran third baseman Brock Holt on their right thigh injury list. After Tuesday night’s game, he did not play hard, speeding around the first base, stopping at the singles in the eighth five. Woodward said the issue was not serious, but that Holt would not be ready to play for a few more days.

Team striker Anderson Texeda has been recalled from the team’s alternative training site. He was in the starting lineup for the second և third game against San Diego on Friday night.

Texas also activated left-handed sedative Brett Martin from a 10-day injury list for low back pain. Last season, Martin averaged 15 assists of 1.84 ERA բոլոր in all three of his three shots on 10 pitches against the Houston Astros’s alternative site team.

Bush, 35, played in the last two Rangers games against Toronto earlier this week. Bush has made three appearances this season, allowing four hits and three runs in each of his solo home games. The right hand has four strokes in one step.

Before this season, Bush did not apply for specialties, as he has undergone surgery twice before. In 2018, there was a procedure to restore and strengthen the partially torn ulna. When that did not work, he needed surgery on the second Tommy John, as he was transformed from a short straw into a temple shortly before he was drafted into his hometown of Padres.

“We were obviously supporting him in the spring training, we were obviously communicating with him all the time,” Woodward said. “He played a weird game on the hill where the ball was kind of fun. I do not know if that was it. “She said she was fine.”


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