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Random handball is allowed before the teammate’s goals

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LONDON (AP) – Casual handball as a result of a teammate’s goal will not lead to a goal being ruled out, football lawmakers decided on Friday.

The move by the board of the International Football Association is a wake-up call for goals that seem to be ruled out.

“Accidental handball, which results in a teammate scoring or scoring a goal, will no longer be considered an offense,” the statement said after the IFAB virtual meeting.

Referees are encouraged to “use their judgment” in assessing the position of the hand’s hand when shooting the ball.

“As commentary on handball incidents has not always been consistent due to misapplication of the law, members have confirmed that every touch with the player’s hand / ball is not an insult,” IFAB said.

Changes to the rules of the game take effect on July 1, although IFAB says tenders have the flexibility to introduce them sooner.

IFAB has also made it possible to use five substitutes, which will be extended through the 2022 World Cup. Last year, a busy schedule due to epidemic competitions allowed teams to make two additional substitutions in games. It is currently running until July 2022 for national team competitions, but IFAB says it will “remain under review”.


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