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Ramos returns to Real Madrid amid doubts about his future

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) – At first it was Lionel Messi, and now it is Sergio Ramos in question about his future.

Ramos is ready to return from a left knee injury that sidelined him in mid-January, but his loyalty to Real Madrid is uncertain as his contract expires on July 1.

It is expected that the negotiations between the Central Defender and the club will not go anywhere.

“I would like to say something today, but there is nothing new to mention,” Ramos said this week.

Ramos has helped the club win four Champions League titles, five Spanish leagues and two trophies in 16 seasons with the club, both with his tough defense and some goals.

For several years, Ramos remains one of the best central defenders in Europe, the leader of the Madrid field. Karim Benzema has been in charge since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Ramos was the player who came forward as the undisputed team whip.

Although details of his talks with Madrid are not available, it turns out that Ramos is seeking a long-term contract, which the club probably does not want to provide to someone who is 34 years old.

“We are judged by our age, but I have always said that it seems to me that I have reached my advanced age,” Ramos said in an interview with Spanish social media celebrity Ibay Llanos on Thursday. “You should not be judged by your identity document, but by your performance. Let them judge Cristiano, Messi, և և me how we play.

“Football progresses as far as fitness goes. There are players like me who have focused more on fitness in the last decade. “Today, the 34-year-old seemed to be 28 years old 10 years ago,” Ramos said. “It simply came to our notice then. I feel stronger, faster, with more experience. ”

Ramos missed 14 games for Madrid due to a left meniscus injury that required surgery in February.

Madrid coach ined ined id idan said on Friday that ոսը Ramos և striker Eden Hazard, who missed seven consecutive games with a recent muscle injury, will both be ready to play against Elçi on Saturday. In the Spanish league, Madrid is in third place with eight points behind leader Atletico and two points behind Barcelona.

In the Champions League on Tuesday, Madrid hosts Atalanta, which won its first game 1: 1. With a score of 0.

Asked about his best defender, id idan said that although he did not want to be involved in Ramos’ negotiations with the club, he definitely wanted to keep him in his squad.

“I do not know what will happen, but we want Sergio to stay,” said Id Idan. “He is a strong player, I, as his coach, want him to be with us.”

So, while “Barcelona” hopes that Messi will leave office this summer, Madrid will have months of trouble.


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