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Ramirez և Reis of India was isolated after COVID-19 violations

CLEVELAND (AP) – The Cleveland Indians are forced to isolate players for the third time in less than a year for breaking COVID-19 protocols.

In the spring training in Arizona, the third base Jose Ramirez was kept away from their teammates, the slogan Frangil Reyes, when they informed the team that they had gone out to dinner, violating the rules of the baseball team, the League Championship.

Manager Terry Francona said on Sunday that the two players had been sent to their temporary homes as the Indians awaited information from the league on when they could rejoin the team.

Francois said that Reyes, who made a mistake due to the virus last season, և Ramirez went out to dinner after the exhibition game against the Chicago cubs in Mesa on Friday.

They informed the team on Saturday and were immediately sent home. They had no contact with other players or team staff.

“We are quite lucky here,” Francois said during the “Growth” call. “We have some medical people who are above everything, they came to me, they said, ‘Look, this is what we do.’ We inform the league. ” The players themselves really reported that they made a mistake.

“So we told them, ‘This is not our rule.’ These are the rules that have been developed in the players’ association, in the big league baseball. We have to force them. “

Francona said she hopes to have information about the situation later. He talked to two players, they realized they could endanger the others.

“They were both honest about what happened to us before,” Francois said. “We are not trying to fine the boys. We try to talk to guys almost every day. – Hey, this will happen if it does not matter whether you agree with it or not. These are protocols that work, you have to live with them. ”

This is the second time Rice has broken the coronavirus protocol.

When spring training resumed after an outbreak last year due to an epidemic, Reyes was forced to quarantine after the team learned on social media that he had survived a July 4 party.

A month later, the Indians placed Mike Klinger’s Achk Plesak in a restricted list after they broke the record by going out to dinner while the team was in Chicago. Klinger, who was sold to San Diego a few weeks later, did not initially reveal that he was dating Pleasant.

Francois understands that players may be tired of the COVID-19 guidelines, but they are ready to defend their safety.

“It simply came to our notice then. I also have (fatigue), ”he said. “Everyone wants to get rid of your mask, it would be good to sit in a restaurant. These are not the conditions under which we play. I know these guys are young, it’s not normal to cooperate.

“You don’t just have to be baseball. They are all. This is life. But these are the rules we play by, the more we follow them, the better our chances of being a full-fledged baseball team. Because right now, we’ve lost a few boys in two, three, four days. It does not help. “

Because they had at least three known violations, Francois was asked if the club was more vigilant than other teams in controlling their players.

“Every team, I do not know if they are pursuing it just as diligently,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. But we do. I think we are happy that our medical staff is so hardworking. I do not think it is a fact that our players are not good kids or good boys. I think we are lucky there too. As I said, they reported. They said they were a mess.

“I am not a judge of the jury of other teams. I know how we do it here, I think it’s convenient for us to do it. And I think that’s the best way to keep these guys safe. “And those are the rules, that’s why we do it,” he said.


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